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Thread: Buying a Crate in Melbourne

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    i dont know about the not circulating enough air... mine is mostly mesh "windows" and i laid in there myself for a while and was fine lol. and one of my friends put me on to the soft crate, she has her rotti in hers and i cant say it smells....?

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    Wait until Summer

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    Some soft crates, you can take the cover off and put it in the machine.

    I haven't noticed any problem with smell with mine - despite another dog peeing on it (that got the vinegar and lavendar oil treatment). But I don't use it all the time - only when we're out or training.

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    If the dog is going to chew a metal crate a soft crate is going to be torn to shreds.

    I would suggest a metal crate sprayed with bitter spray, or train the dog not to bite the wire.

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    I got my metal crate from Vebo and it is great. I ordered the biggest one possible, it was too big so I rang them, paid for another one and they dropped off the smaller version and took the huge one away on the same day. Postage wasnt a killer either, $30 and I am in Rural NSW.

    Gigha chews almost anything that isnt nailed down, and a few things that arent, but she has never chewed her crate, she loves it! It is her snuggle place. When we have been camping she has whined to go into it! We have put two old woolen blankets over it, I bought a water dish that hangs off the side (actually meant for bird cage but VERY sturdy) and she has her doona inside.

    When she got diaorrha las camping trip cause it was wire it was DEAD easy to clean.

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    ebay is def the place to buy crates... soft or metal, they are about half the retail price... and sometimes you can get second hand even cheaper... I use both metal and soft sided, it depends on your dog, I would prob try a metal to start soft sided are really for dogs that can be trusted... try ebay under dog carriers

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    I suggest buying a cheap crate off ebay. It means you aren’t investing a huge amount into something that may be destroyed in the process. Once your dog is well behaved in a crate look for something more expensive/more sturdy.

    I got our first crate off ebay for $40. If you get a soft crate look for ones with good ventilation.

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    gotta love ebay

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    i got a big one but we lost the door

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    Ok just ordered one off ebay 36" Metal crate for $51 posted. Now to get a couple of cheap beds because I know she will destroy them until she is trained! Ill get one of the K9pro ultimate dog beds once I know she won't kill it.

    Tonight my girlfriend and I are off to the drive-ins and taking the dog with us!

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