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Thread: A Question on Pet Insurance

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    A friends scots terrier snaffled up a crab shell full of sand on the beach the other day, several hours later she was rushed to the vet with an impacted bowel, 2 days and $1,200 later, dog was fine (no insurance)

    Just wondering whether other people have found insurance to be worth having over the long haul and which insurance companies they reccommend.

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    I did a search, as you could have done as there are many threads on this topic.

    Australian Purebred & Crossbreed Dog Forum - Search Results

    Any posts made under the name of Di_dee1 one can be used by anyone as I do not give a rats.

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    I have.

    I got insurance for my youngest dog the day she came home. 8 months later and I have claimed back $1200 so far this policy year (4 months to go in it) and I only pay $600 a year in fees. So has been 100% worth it.

    If I had of had it for my other dog it would have been even more worth it as she has had Demodex Mites costing around $1000-1500 in treatment, she had a knee Op that was around $1500-2000, plus she has severe hip displaxia that costs me money on a regular basis for Chiro Vets, special treatments etc.

    Definitely worth it

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    There are probably now threads on nearly every topic a new user could bring up. maybe every user should just do a search and no new threads be opened.

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    I have looked into insurance a little and I am not sure it is worth it or even able to be offered for me.

    Some insurers wouldn't insure my dogs and the pre-existing conditions are the things I'd like insured most which obviously aren't covered either. Apart from that, my dogs don't do 'annual check-ups and vaccinations' so I am not sure what value insurance holds for me.
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    I took out pet insurance with Pet Insurance Australia (PIA) for my lab youngster about a month after I brought him home. I had already started evaluating various pet insurance companies before I brought my pup home, but didn't do my homework thoroughly enough and took out a policy with another pet insurance company that I then cancelled within their two week cancellation period and took out the policy with PIA.

    I decided to get pet insurance for my pup as I paid out thousands of dollars for an emergency surgery for one of my boys who had a mass on his spleen and was then diagnosed with Hemangiosarcoma cancer and had chemo treatment. His surgery and hospitalisation was at a Veterinary specialist centre which is much more expensive than a normal Veterinary Clinic as the surgery was done by a Specialist Surgeon and they have 24hr round the clock intensive care, so I knew my boy was receiving the best care possible and I was in a position to afford his high level specialist care. However, after that I said I would take out pet insurance on any pup/youngster that I got after that.

    The policy I have with PIA is top cover and only has a $100 excess per condition so can claim for any veterinary visits over $100 and this excess doesn't apply if there are multiple visits for the same condition. I don't ever want to be in a position of not being able to proceed with a surgery/treatment for my boy because I am unable to afford it, hence the pet insurance. Admittedly you do have to pay upfront for any treatment and then claim this back from the pet insurance company, so I make sure I have enough credit on my credit card to do this.

    I do have a copy of a couple of Pet Insurance Company Comparison Reports that were done a couple of years ago, one by a well known consumer group and these reports give an idea on what is and what isn't covered by each pet insurance company listed and will give you an idea on what to to look at. For me it was really important that my dog is fully covered in his senior years as that is when problems are most likely to occur as in the case of my boy I lost to Cancer who was close to 10 years of age when he was diagnosed and subsequently lost his life to this awful aggressive cancer. When I took the first policy out, I didn't realise that the cover was reduced when the dog turned 10 years of age (or lower age for some other breeds) as I obviously didn't do my homework thoroughly enough, so cancelled that policy and took out policy with company that did fully cover dogs over 10 provided they had been covered 3 yrs prior to turning 10.

    The most important thing with pet insurance is to get it very early BEFORE any potential problems arise with your, otherwise you will have problems with not being covered for exisiting conditions or have to undergo a waiting period. For anyone getting pups, I thoroughly recommend getting pet insurance BEFORE you even bring the pup home and I know of at least one of the more popular pet insurance companies offer Breeders free pet insurance coverage for their pups whilst they are still at the Breeders and for a limited time with their new puppy owners so that they are covered when the new puppy owner takes them home and then the pet insurance company contacts the puppy owner about taking up the policy and in this case the puppy has been covered from the outset.

    If anyone wants a copy of the Pet Insurance Comparison Reports I have, please PM me.

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