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Thread: Training a German Shepherd So It'll Be the Best Family Dog?

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    Default Training a German Shepherd So It'll Be the Best Family Dog?

    I want a German Shepherd ive been researching everywhere and i think its perfect (i wanted a dog who's loving and protective) but a few question still on my mind
    First of all all video responses, answers everywhere says a German shepherd is wont bite and be the best family dog if trained properly. What does that mean? Obedience training, exercise potty training, crate training or there's something extra?
    Second of all how long do you need to exercise a German shepherd? (Minimum)

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    I would think a GSD would require at least 1-2 60 min walks per day, plus mental exercise: 1-3 short training sessions per day.

    Though I have Dobes (not entirely unlike a GSD in some aspects), we walk, train, swim, use treadmill etc, so I expect the requirements would be similar.

    In terms of biting.... Well... Any dog improperly trained and handled can bite. This means in all aspects of leadership; crate training, obedience training, toilet training, the whole kit and kaboodle.

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    Yes there's something extra. If you taught a child how to use a toilet - would you also expect it with no further training - to know how to use a knife and fork?

    Digital Dog Training Textbook | Dog Star Daily

    You have to train a puppy first to bite gently and then to keep its teeth off humans. With a dog that grows up big - this is extremely important.

    Each not naturally doggy thing you want your dog to do - you must train.

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    We had two GSD's and they were wonderful with our kids. Never any sign of aggression no matter what was done to them BUT like any dog, especially big ones, we never left the kids (youngest in particular) with them alone. Just their sheer size and exubreance can be damaging!

    Oh the hair! You will have more hair then you can poke a stick at, espcially in spring. You have to brush and brush and brush their undercoats out.

    Def a run for when you arent home and crate training inside is a WONDERFUL thing.

    Wonderful dogs.
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