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Thread: Whats My Puppy?

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    Paddington Labrador Retrievers
    This breeder got quite a shock when long hairs turned up, so they did DNA checks etc. The longhairs appear to be a throwback to St John's Water Dogs (which were ancestors both to the Labrador and to the Newfoundland).
    You can probably expect your pup to be a bit heavier in bone than a traditional labrador. In fact, looking at her paws and growth joints in that last picture you posted, I think that is definitely the case.
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    oh okay

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    well she is a big girl,
    when i got her she was 6kg at 9 weeks old and shes 30kg at the moment
    her bones seem to be thicker than labs too

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    she looks exactly like them!

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    She's a very pretty girl. I think she looks like a Golden Retriever x Labrador.

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