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Thread: Dogs at Outdoor Food Cafes..

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    True, more a case of intolerance and selfishness I guess.
    That statement applies to both sides of the argument, those who want to take their dogs to regular cafes think people who don't want them there are intolerant, and those who do not want the dogs there think the owners are selfish.

    I sound like I am anti-dog but I am not, I just think that dogs should not be in cafes unless they are specifically designated 'doggy zones'.

    It's a little like the debate about children being in dog parks.
    If you have 2 parks side by side, one for kids, one for dogs which one would you take your kids to?
    Some people said they are fine with kids being at dog parks, others said they do not think they should be there as it poses a risk.
    Same goes for the other way around, I wouldn't take my dog into a kids playground out of respect for the parents.

    Fun fact, you know what causes dog allergies? Not the fur, it's the saliva and urine that dries and settles on the coat. That's why breeds like the poodle are considered 'hypoallergenic' as when they shed the hair does not drop out, therefor the particles tend to stay on the dog and not get released into the air and surroundings... I'm certainly not a germophobe but the thought of that makes a lot of parents cringe and run for the hand-wash.

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    I don't see the issue as selfishness at all. If there is selfishness, then it is in th epart of pet woenrs who are demanding that health restrictions and other issues are ignored so that they can have their dog with them at all times. There are many reasons why people do not want dogs at cafes. Some people actually suffer from severe allergic reactions to dogs. Is it fair that they not be able to eat at a cafe because some one wants to bring their dog there?

    Th eonly solution is, as has been stated by myself and many others several times, to have both dog friendly and no dogs allowed cafes and restaurants. That way, every one gets an option.
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