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    Just wondering if someone could shed some light on the world of dog shows for me?
    Lilly is 4.5 months old ( lab ) and I was thinking about doing some small ( if they exist) shows until she is desexed.
    I had a look and enquired with the lab club in sa and they just told me to contact the breeder... that is no good to me as she doesnt show and hasnt for a very long time.
    So where do I start? and is it even worth doing at her age and knowing you cant show after she is desexed?

    thanks in advance

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    First questions...

    Is she on main register?

    Is she in your name on her papers?

    If the answer is yes to both then you will need to join your local kennel club.
    The South Australian club is here: Dogs SA :: Official Website
    From here you should be able to get information about joining.

    Once you join you will be sent out a membership card with your member number on it (you will need this for the entries).
    And also a gazette with all the upcoming shows in it.

    From there it's as simple as filling out an entry form (available from the club) for the show you want to go to, posting it off and waiting for a number to be posted back to you.

    The details of the actual show can sound a little complicated, you have breed classes and age classes and there is quite a bit involved with handling.
    If you have any shows in your area soon go along and have a chat to other lab exhibitors. Seeing what happens is much easier than trying to read about it so I won't complicate it here.

    As to your question of is it worth it?

    My answer would be yes. I personally love going to shows and I have made a lot of good friends through them. You never know, you might end up really loving it and decide to continue showing her.
    If you don't then you can at least maybe get some pretty ribbons to show off to your friends.
    The dogs love it too. My current show dog is completely different at shows than he is around the house. Everyone looks at him and he KNOWS it, the neck arches, he struts his stuff, he likes being the center of attention.

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    You can't enter the SACA based breed shows unless your dog is registered with them. And that means talking to the breeder, unless you already have the papers.

    There are "neuter" classes now, so you can show after the dog is desexed - as long as it is a registered purebred with SACA/ANKC.

    If the dog has no papers and isn't purebred, you can still compete in obedience, or dog sports and maybe retriever/gun dog - but that may be restricted to dogs that are registered purebred.

    To enter my dog in sports comps - I had to be a member of an affiliated dog club and join SACA and register my dog with SACA and she had to be desexed as well - because she's a cross breed.

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    cool thanks.
    Yep she is on the main reg and in my name.
    By kennel club do you mean the dog obiedience club? I am a member of a saca reg club....only been there once though as it keeps raining on club night
    i will go and have a look at the next show I can find.

    Oh and how cool is that "neuter" shows.....would love to continue showing her if we enjoy it.

    So I will email and join saca, and hopefully get out to some shows... how exciting

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    If you join SACA (which you have to do to enter shows) they send you a magazine with all the upcoming shows, how to enter and close off dates. Probably better to ring SACA. 8349 4797 - should be someone there (usually a volunteer?) between 8:30am to 4:30pm.

    You might need to join the lab club first, ie a show club not an obedience club. You may need to explain to them that the breeder has retired from showing and you need to find someone new to help (mentor) you. You should be able to join and go to meetings.

    I suggest you find out when the next breed shows are - not just the lab ones but the all breed ones - and go and "lurk" ie check them out and talk to a few people, see how things are set up. Eg you probably need a "tent" thing and a crate for your dog and maybe a table for exams - though with a lab -maybe exams are done on the ground.

    If you can crate train your dog and have her happy to have her teeth and body checked by strangers that would help too.

    Theres a Gun dog show at SACA park on 16th July judging starting at 9am (which means competitors and setup will be there at 6am or earlier), another open show on 31st of july by the "metropolitan kennel club". This weekend the shows are at Monarto / Murray Bridge.

    Oh and given these show results are pretty much determined by the subjective opinion of a judge, you have to be ok with that too.
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    try the australian national kennel council here the website Australian National Kennel Council
    i got my obe manual from here

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