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Thread: Dog Introductions

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    LOL I remember when I introduced Pippi and Barney. We had just got Pippi and arrived home. We quickly let her have a 5minute sniff round the lounge then went and got Barney.

    I wasnt quite ready and she was sat on my knee, she was small enough she could sit in one hand. In comes Barney and he runs up and sniffs her, and little tiny Pippi attacked 40 kg Barney. He stuck his tail between his legs and run into the dining room LMAO.

    Anyway, about 5 seconds later they were playing and apart from being separated when we go to work (only because Pippi escapes), they are always together either playing or sleeping.

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    Thanks for all the advise. I think I'll let her have a little sniff around on her own and then take both dogs out for a walk together. Fingers crossed they get along great I've only got 3 days off work, so hopefully I'll have a good indication that i can leave them alone together after 5 days.

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