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Thread: Best Dog Books.

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    Smile Best Dog Books.

    Hello Everyone.

    My big trip is coming up soon and I know I will have a lot of reading time on the plane and at night.

    I am looking for some good dog books to read

    Can you recommend me something?

    Fiction and non-fiction please.

    I really chew through books when I am away – luckily I have a ebook reader so I can take a whole library.

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    I recently read "A Good Dog" by Jon Katz. I find the story quite enjoyable and truly unexpected (well I am not revealing here). Have a go...

    I have been reading "A simpler time" by Peter FitzSimmons who is my favourite author. The book is a memoir of his childhood, family, and other saying this I am not sure you would like it though....(unlike you) I am a middle aged woman who likes to revisit....
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    Thanks for the suggestion Hachna I will have to look at one up.

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    the lost dogs

    by Jim Gorant

    it's about the rescue and rehablitonon of the michael Vick dogs

    I'm almost finished reading it, very very good.

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