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Thread: Opinions Please

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    Quote Originally Posted by dan4nas View Post
    If the *blue* colour is a fault in the breed standard for a staffordshire.. why are people paying rediculous prices for them??? i dont understand..
    Too many gullible people with too much money thinking they are getting a new beaut rare BLUE staffy. A fool and his money are easily parted

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    The issue with Blue SBT is that, whilst they are allowable according to the breed standard in the showring, it is impossible for a dilute (blue) to have a black nose or black toenails, even those sprouting that they have black nose and nails, will be found to have slate/dark blue/grey pigment. SO, therefore, Blue SBT do NOT conform to the breed standard and in a lot of opinions, should be a disqualifying colour along with Liver (also a dilute) and Black and Tan.
    So, charging a massive amount of money for a dog that is not correct for the breed, according to the breed standard, is just unbelievable.....

    People are breeding the colour, and charging a fortune for them, because the demand is there, people are convinced that the colour is rare, and therefore worth more money, look at Dogzonline and see how many of the puppy listings are for Blue compared to ALL other colours put together!! And now tell me that Blue is rare!!

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    Wow, how interesting!!!!
    I too have recently purchased a blue staffy girl for $1500 from a so called breeder in QLD and she arrived to me in NSW with Mange!!!!
    Imagine my absolute horror when I found out that not only can I not breed from her but I will be lucky to show her also!!
    This poor excuse for a breeder acted shocked when I informed her and even said "oh dear I will have to get my dog check" and guess guessed it she knew her girl had mange and that my pup had it also as her vet has been in touch with mine!!!
    I cant beleive that there are people out there that stoop so low just for the almighty dollar!
    i am in the process of trying to recover my money, but honestly I dont think I will!
    I want to shout her name from the roof tops to warn other poor soles to avoid her like the plague! but I would probably get in trouble for that argh.
    On the up side this little girl is just so sweet and she is already apart of our family!
    People are just hard work...think I will stick to dogs

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    I really don't understand why blue staffies or colour or any breed are so expensive for that matter. I admit, they are very becoming dogs, but I wouldn't pay that much even if it did gold plated poops lol (no disrespect to you Les82), I just think that if you are going to fork out that much, the dog should come with a lifetime garuntee (grrr, i just know that is spelt wrong lol).

    It's amazing what lengths people go to to make sure they get their money off prospective buyers. Obviously the breeders of the dog would have known his eye wasn't right when he was taken to the vet for the intial and follow up examinations before being handed over to Les82.

    It's like when we were looking for a pup, initially we were looking for a purebred english staffy for a reasonable price. We saw the advert for Oskar and it said "Purebred english staffies, with longer legs" we went to look at the parents and the pup (Oskar was the last available) and they were all gorgeous but clearly not purebred. We loved him though and took him.

    It's a shame about your pup's eye Les, and i bet he would have made a lovely addition, what a shame you had to return him, it just annoys me that a lot of breeders seem so greedy when they should just care whether their pups are going to a good home, some do for sure but how many are out there just for the money!!
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    On a personal position here I know that I I didn't see the pup with my own eyes or someone close to where the pups are.
    I would not buy them at all. For one if they send you pictures of the puyps they could be from any litter, and you are none the wiser.
    They can retouch any photo they send to you on your selected pup.This is done with Photoshop. So if you can't see the pup itself stay away.

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