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Thread: Opinions Please

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lexie44light
    as I assume they are from top breeders (judging by the price).
    That doesn't mean anything at all. People sell unhealthy, pretty-named mutts with zero health checks that price all the time.

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    My goodness, this sounds like a horrible nightmare. It seems more and more dodgy as it goes. I wouldnt expect the papers in the mail either. All of my pups papers have been given to me when I pick the pup up. I have never paid more than $1000 for a pup.

    You can report the breeder to the Canine Association in your/their State. In Victoria breeder infringements are published in the Vic Dog Magazine so this would be one way to 'out' them. I would also be in touch with the Staffy club of your State (or the State the Breeder is in).

    I know that it is the principle of the matter and I would keep fighting this, not so much that you will get much back (certainly wouldnt cover the emotional cost), but to stand up and say 'hey! you arent going to get away with this'.

    Are you going to keep the pup? Dogs do so well with disabilities. My last Weimaraner lived for 8 years with three legs, and my current dog has Epilepsy so dont loose hope, all is not lost. Manage her health and socialisation well and you can end up with a very balanced dog.

    Keep us posted.

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    Yes but I'm assuming she was under the impression they were.
    Unless you signed a contract which clearly stated you were buying a pedigree, fully papered puppy you could have been sold anything. Just because the parents are papered doesnt mean your pup is. It also doesnt mean the parents are the actual parents (dad could be someone else). Did you see any contracts or vet checks when you were at the breeders? Maybe something that you werent given a copy of.

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    We didnt get Ruby's papers for a couple of weeks after we brought her home but a lawyer signed up like a promisery note!

    It is easy to see now how it all sounds dodgy but I know what its like to get caught up in peoples bullsh!t!

    We were nearly scammed three times before we actually got our dog!Apparently with the Brits its common because of how expensive they are!!

    You should call them again, let them know you have contacted a lawyer (even if you havent) let them know you have also contacted the police and the RCPCA and tell them both will be investigating this issue!

    Let them know you are serious about fixing this!!

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    Like Bulldog Lover said collect as much information as you can and tell everyone. Even contact other staffy breeders in your state to see what they would do in the situation and to put the pressure on. Breeders are all about their reputation with others so this could force them to reconsider.

    If it was up to you would you keep her for a reduced fee or take a replacement?

    I was in a similar situation with my current pup as she has a severe overbite which dissolved any showing hopes. Lucky for me the breeder reduced her amount but I was offered a replacement which I refused. I just hope this situation turns out similar for you!

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    hmm no didnt even think of signing something along the lines of that. Just assumed that the breeders are legit, they do have a website and all. I just managed to find the vet, however they were relutant to give me any information over the phone.
    Thanks everyone for the advice. I have contacted the CCCQ and office of fair trading, and will be sending off all the forms this afternoon. I think I will try to locate the staffy club in QLD, and contact them as well.

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    At this point now, I would probably keep her for a reduced price. she has already settled in with the kids and my wifes dog (****zu x malteese) and she is a really good puppy. Not to mention she sleeps in our bed every night lol

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    as a side issue- we have a 1 eyed dog and he is living a very full and happy life. The only (very small) issues it gives him are:
    - poor depth perception, an issue whenwe do big bushwalks which involve jumping from rock to rock or clibing up rocks
    - sometimes a fright when other dogs approach him on his blind side and he does not realise they are there until they are very close.

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    yeah we have considered that, as well as the fact that if she injures her other eye we will have a blind dog to care for. The kids absolutely adore her now and she follows them everywhere

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    Caveat emptor = Buyer beware.

    The act of purchase relies on your ability to determine if the goods you buy are;
    - what it is claimed they are
    - free of faults or defects

    There is no point contacting the CCQ unless they are registered breeders. Were they registered with the CCCQ defnitely?

    Having papers for the adults does not mean they are registered breeders, it just means they have registered adult dogs.

    Were you intending on showing/breeding with the pup?

    I don't think the question you are asking - is the pup worth $1500 the right question. You should be asking did you receive what you paid for and is the breeder's reaction fair or reasonable.
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