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Thread: Are Your Dogs Protective of Each Other?

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    Default Are Your Dogs Protective of Each Other?

    Last night we were all in the lounge room. Jackson was sitting on the chair with dad, rox, jacks and I were playing on the floor.

    I held Jackaroo down and Roxie was biting him. All in fun of course, we do it all the time. I hold his paws so they can bite each other but he can't kick her and they snap at me and I tickle them.

    Next thing, Jackson launches off the chair and bowls into Roxie, they both went flying about a metre. He was on top of her, but they Werent really fighting. I pulled him off, and rox just stood there like 'er what now?'. Jackaroo just stood there as well.

    Jackson had been asleep on dads lap, so I think he opened his eyes and thought rox was laying into jacks. It was so heroic. LOL. There was no growling or yelping, it was honestly like he was just holding her down.

    My dogs have never done anything like this before!!

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    When Harley was a pup we took him and Tessa to the beach for a play. Harley got a bit full on for a labrador on the beach that was playing near by and it pinned him down ( it wasn't aggressive just putting him in his place). And over ran Tessa 14 year old silky terrier all fired up ready to take this labs head off for touching her little mate. It was so cute. and lucky that it didnt get upset with her. Lol

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