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Thread: So Annoyed!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hyacinth View Post
    Maybe luvmypei could put a warning ad in the place where this cousin goes to find give away pets.
    She gets them from the Quokka newspaper.. I'm not sure they would allow an advert like that?
    Her name isn't Narelle either who's that?

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    Narelle is someone who screws (dog) rescues by saying she will take a dog or foster it, and then taking the money from would be adopters and clearing off with it or something like that.

    I think to get away with placing a warning ad, you'd have to get creative. Eg publish the truth. Eg

    FTGH dog "Bobby" was rehomed to the pound 3 days after being given away to "Mad Cousin Jo" and has been PTS.

    Maybe between the lot of us we could come up with something better.

    Free to good home dogs - make sure it is a good home.

    It looks like the pet ads can be free. And I get the impression they may not check the content of some of them.

    But have you talked to the RSPCA about it?

    Or you could contact all the FTGH ads as they come up when your cousin is "looking" and warn them directly.

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    I'm part of a Facebook group that reports and outs irresponsible advertisements, if the mods allow it I'll post a link, we have had a lot of ads removed and have made contact with many sellers advising them against selling undesexed pets, unvaccinated and unchipped litters etc.
    It doesn't fix the problem, but it's a start.

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