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Thread: I Think My Dog is Actually Trying to Communicate with Me

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    Default I Think My Dog is Actually Trying to Communicate with Me

    The dogs leads hang on a hook near the front door.

    Barney never gives them a second glance. In fact, he barely even notices that they are there except when you grab them to go walkies.

    However, little smart bum herself seems to "ask" for a walk. She will go out there at random times and stare at the lead and then look at you and the front door.

    I swear, she is saying "can we go for a walk now".

    I am "humanising" her a bit but I am sure this is one smart dog I have here LOL

    Have never had a dog do this before. They have always reacted to the lead being picked up or something but nothing quite like this

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    My last dog that spent her last few years living with my folks knew where her 'treats' were. She would walk to the kitchen, sit in front of the cupboard where the treats were and bark.

    It would start with a little 'woof' and if you ignored a deeper 'woof' and if you still ignored you got the 'woof woof'

    You'd walk over to the cupboard open it up and she'd jump up and spin around, then sit at your feet waiting for the bikkie. Once she had it she would run over to her mat in the lounge and sit down and eat it.

    Sometimes she'd do this when they were having a cuppa, other times she'd just come in from the yard and do it. Nothing seemed to trigger it, as in no human action, she would just decide it was time for a treat, LOL
    Cheers Aleesha
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    LOL. Nero does a smiliar thing. His lead is hanging near the door too. He'd give you the stare.Then when he was sure you're actually looking, he'd quickly touch the lead with his nose then give you the stare again...

    When he was younger he would sit under my desk and whine when he wanted to go for a walk. If this didn't do the job he'd nudge on my feet as if to say 'come on... make them walk me!!'.

    He uses very distinctive whines for different occasions There is the 'I pushed my bone under the sofa and can't get it out' whine. The (rather annoying) 'let's go for a waaaaaalk whine' and the 'I don't like this - get me out of here' whine.

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    Stupid me trained Villain to bring me his leash... It hangs at a height where he can reach up and retrieve it from the hook.

    Remarkably, he now only brings me the leash at our 'regular' walking time... At first it was every minute or so ( and at that time was probably more about treats than walks), lol.

    Both Villain and Flirtt have identifiable 'behaviours' to indicate:
    * I've lost my ball, please help
    * I want to go out/ come in
    * There's something amiss here

    They all communicate... It's just the better we know them, the more we 'see' the attempts.

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    My dog trainers dog only gets balls on special occasions they are his motivational toy and they only come out for particular reasons ie: thunder stoms to distract him as he doesn't like them, going to the park etc, so he LOVES balls you can't say Ball around him. So whenever he hears thunder there he is sitting in front of the ball draw haha.

    My dogs talk to me to make me get up when they want to go outside etc.

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    I think people who "listen" to their dogs have dogs communicate with them. because you can read or hear what the dogs want. Our dogs have many different expressions/woofs/barks to let us know quite specifically what they want. Our BC cross is very expressive and has quite a large vocabulary that lets you know what she is trying to get across. She has a "snake" bark, a "friend is here" bark and different barks for strangers, be they dangerous or just unknown. She also has a "stock in trouble" bark. And this has saved several escapes from stock.
    One of our newfs let us know when we had a horse down in the paddock with colic. It was a real Lassie moment. She kept moving to and fro to the area. This was in the dark at night and she is usually not out at night.
    So yes I think if we "listen" we can hear and see what they are trying to get across
    Pets are forever

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    Jag whines when he wants to get up, or have food, or go for a walk. Usually also scratches with a paw. *laugh* Gotta give him points for being persistent!

    Carl has a whole damn vocabulary! He howls when he's happy, but there are different tones and pitches to it! When I get home he does this yelp/howl and goes crazy. When he wants dinner he does this guttural kind of growl and tries to 'lead' me to the pantry where their food is kept. He has something to say to just about everything.

    Mischa is only vocal when we're about to go out somewhere, and it sounds like nervous hyaena laughter. YIP YIP YIP YIP!

    like a rolling thunder chasing the wind...

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    Yep. Mine communicate with me and me with them. Looks, gestures, tones of barks etc.

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    Sam sulks. And not just the sad eyes, but he literally gets up, turns his back to you and then quickly looks at you over his shoulder. Its really quite pathetic but funny. And its usually when he wants a walk or some lovin'.

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    my dads dog would grab u very gentley by the hand and take u where he wanted you....

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