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    As i said in my introduction thread, i'm new here and a student who is looking for "his own" dog. by "his own" i mean it will obviously become my family's dog.

    i earn around $100 a week and can save for a while to buy a dog. I really want a pet and have been looking at other animals as well, though nothing really comes to what i want out of a pet other than a dog.

    I would really like a small dog that's energetic and a great family animal.

    i know that's incredibly general :S and i'm sorry, i understand if you can't help me with that one.

    Also, it can't be thousands of dollars, maybe a few hundred would be fine.

    How much would food per month be for the particular dog you suggest?

    Besides that from having a dog before i know most of the other things i need to.

    Thankyou very much and i hope this is in the right section and you guys can help me out :S

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    Have you thought about getting in touch with a local rescue? They might be able to help you with some of the things you've asked and also help to match you with the right dog.

    If you aren't wanting to spend huge amounts on food then maybe a smaller breed would be a good idea. Some of them are great, energetic little dogs. We have a Jack Russell and she is a high energy dog but also a great family dog. You also have to factor in the costs of vaccinations and any vet treatment your dog may need.

    Like I said, a rescue would be a good start and then you can get some advice as well as giving a home to a dog who needs one :-)

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    I'd recommend looking at rescues and shelters for a small dog in need of a new home. Puppies are usually available as well as adults. Usually they don't cost a lot of money and desexing etc. is often included in the price of the dog.

    As for the cost of food...that depends on what you feed. Commercial or raw diet? If commercial...supermarket brand or premium? Best thing to do is to figure out A: What's best for the dog and B: What you can afford within that.

    Good luck in finding your new best friend.

    Next I should probably go and introduce myself. Weird first post for me.

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    There are a lots of things to take into consideration when trying to determine what type/breed of dog to get. Sometimes the type/breed of dog we may have a preference for may not be a good match for our lifestyle, financial circumstances, our commitment levels etc, and it could end badly for both dog and us if we proceeded to take on a dog whose needs we could not meet.

    To help you understand the type of things you need to take into consideration when determining what type/breed of dog could best suit your situation check out some of the links below to Dog Selector/Dog Selection Quiz sites. Apart from being supplied with a range of dog types/breeds to consider based on your selection criteria, the questions will also give you food for thought, as issues like Grooming, Shedding, Yard Size, Exercise Requirements etc are things prospective dog owners do not give enough consideration to and they end up with the wrong dog, which normally ends badly for both dog and family.

    Selectapet - find the breed that is right for you | PetNet

    Breed Selector, Dog Search, Puppy Survey, Puppy Test, Test to find the right dog, Breed Quiz

    You can find more of these type of websites by typing "dog selection or dog selector" into google.

    Apart from type/breed of dog you also need to decide on whether you want a puppy or a young dog or adult. If you have your heart set on a puppy, it will take a very big commitment on your part, irrespective of type/breed of dog. If you take on a puppy, you will be responsible for shaping how this puppy develops into an adult and this can be a daunting task, even for adults, so please think long and hard about the level of commitment required for raising a puppy, to ensure it develops into a happy and well adjusted adult.

    When you do make a decison on type/breed, puppy/youngster/adult, then you need to decide on where to get your dog from. Whilst there are a myriad of sources to get your new dog from, please exercise caution on an impulsive buy from a petshop or puppyfarm or backyard breeder as these choices can end in heartache for both dog and family. The places that I recommend you to consider getting a dog from are either a Purebred Breeder, a Dog Rescue Organisation or a Dog Shelter, and probably considering your situation the Dog Rescue/Shelter Orgs are probably a better choice for you and they do have both crossbreed and purebreeds to choose from.

    Anyway as a starting point checkout the above links, as these will not only provide you with some dog types/breeds to consider but also give you food for thought about other issues you probably haven't even considered yet.

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    Pet rescue lets you search puppies in your state, your choice of male or female.
    PetRescue - find your new best friend!

    The fox terrier (x) would meet your criteria of energetic and great family dog (provided family are well behaved).

    I swear this one looks like beagle x kangaroo - check out the ears, and theres two of them.
    Joey's profile at PetRescue - is she your new best friend?

    This one they think is a shih tzu x - but who knows. The description says energetic.
    Jack's profile at PetRescue - is he your new best friend?

    this one is a chihuahua x fox terrier.
    Violet's profile at PetRescue - is she your new best friend?

    Someone has put their hand up for her already but you can always send an email or phone and ask if they have any more...

    Little dogs don't eat much. How much you spend depends a lot on how fussy you are about the quality of the ingredients. Ask the person you get the puppy from to start with. Read through a few threads on dog food.

    And research...
    Digital Dog Training Textbook | Dog Star Daily

    How do I avoid supporting puppy farms? - RSPCA Australia knowledgebase

    How old should a puppy be before they are adopted/purchased? - RSPCA Australia knowledgebase

    If you get a dog from petrescue that has been with a foster carer, they are usually accurate in their descriptions and helpful about figuring out if this is the right dog for you - they don't want it back. They will take it back if it doesn't work out but they'd rather pick the right home in the first place. If you are under 16yo - you may have to get your parents to adopt for you.
    how to choose the right shelter dog - Gary Wilkes

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    I agree with Hyacinth that having a look through PetRescue would be a great place to start. There are lots of shelters in all states that list dogs there, and if you're anything like me you'll fall in love with lots of them and get an idea of the kind of dogs that are around. You'll also be able to get in touch with people who look after or 'foster' dogs for them (ie living in their homes) for an idea of their personality, needs, activity levels etc.

    As has also been said, how much dogs cost to feed depends on the quality of food you buy. I have a toy poodle and feed her human quality raw meat (she only eats a small handful at night) and good quality kibble for breakfast. A 1.5-2kg bag of the brands I would buy (eg Royal Canin) cost around $20-30 and last me around .. 2 months, I suppose. A long time - and you can buy much bigger bags than that, which become cheaper. I just buy smaller ones because I don't want to be feeding her kibble that's been sitting in the cupboard for 10 months

    As mentioned I've got a toy poodle and absolutely love this breed - they can be quite energetic things (but my 3 year old is er, not so much..) and are highly intelligent and trainable. Great family dogs - I grew up with little poodles/crosses and they're lovely little dogs to have around. But if I were you, I'd definitely have a look at petrescue first, even volunteer at a shelter near you to get an idea of different kinds of dogs, maybe

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