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Thread: Dingo-Whippet Pup

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    I am slightly offended - I would of hoped to be able to just come to a forum for a bit of advice without being judged.

    Admittedly I do not have a wealth of knowledge regarding the canine species, however we thought we were doing a great thing by rescuing Scotty from the pound.

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    Hmmm I can see Anne's point but to give the benefit of the doubt, do you have a photo of Scotty? It takes a second to take one and upload it and then all can be proven (and we may also be able to suss out the breed).

    As to throwing the food on the roof.... who does that benefit?

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    Pretty much what I thought too, mind you my thought process was far less eloquent than yours!

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    If I am wrong, then I guess the Mods can jump on me. I seriously doubt I am.

    Who feeds a dog nuggets and pizza? Who shows their authority over a dog by throwing its food onto the roof of a shed? Who locks a dog in a shed as punishment? Who adopts a dog (you didn't rescue it, you adopted it) and then expects it will remain on a property without being contained?

    Why make this statement?:
    "We would love any other ideas in this regard as being a dingo-whippet Scotty can be fairly rude, as most dingo-whippets tend to be." when you claim you even googled and couldn't find anything about this cross. Now you're suddenly an expert?

    Your language skills are obviously very good. Your grasp of grammar and spelling are almost flawless, and this doesn't match the "I'm clueless" attitude you are trying to give with your statements.

    I am tired of people coming here and laughing at our expense.
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    Um. What the.....

    I honestly don't even know where to go with this. I'm going to take the really easy way out and completely agree and support Anne with this. The nuggets and pizza thing got me at the start, but I persevered because some people seriously are idiots. I really hope this dog doesn't exist, otherwise shelters need better screening measures.

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    The thing that makes me think this is an imaginary dog is that I don't know a single shelter who will adopt a dog out without adequate fencing.

    If the owner of the Golden was displeased at having their dog being humped, what were they doing standing next to a tied up dog allowing it to hump it.

    Yes, adopting a dog from a shelter is a wonderful thing, but at least a basic knowledge of care is required otherwise the dog might be better of back at the pound.

    Rule 1 of trolling... make it believable.

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    Also isn't it mandatory for a pound to sell a dog desexed as releasing an entire dog especially a dingo x would eventually create more of a headache to say the least.
    If it is true. Take him to get desexed and then pls go to an obedience class or 2 or at the very least go through old posts about training methods

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    I do hope this is just a troll, if not it is a total idiot, and pity the poor dog

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    LMAO I love this thread.

    OP, you took the troll too far by stating you throw the food on the roof and lock the dog in the shed. They just made it obvious you were should have opted for somehting a bit more subtle, then Id be sitting here laughing while other were frothing LOL

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    throwing his food on the roof of the shed every now and again. When he has been a really bad dog we lock him in the garage for a period of time, this is also the usual punishment for when he wanders off. We would love any other ideas in this regard as being a dingo-whippet Scotty can be fairly rude, as most dingo-whippets tend to be.
    Well this does look like the work of a leg puller.

    For the lurkers out there...

    Why would you throw dog food on the shed - especially if you want to discourage jumping out and wandering?

    If you punish a dog when he comes back for "wandering" what you are actually punishing is the return, not the departure. Ie it's good method if you want the dog to leave permanently.

    If this is how you treat the dog, I suggest you return him to where you got him and get a gold fish instead.

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