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Thread: In-ground/Invincible Fencing

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    Default In-ground/Invincible Fencing

    Just a quick question I am wondering if anyone has tried the in-ground/invincible fencing?

    Our dogs love to jump the fence so I am curious as to whether this could be a possible they really work?

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    They can help to stop the dog jumping out, but then there is always the risk of the dog being just that little bit too tempted to escape, ignoring the shock and jumping anyway.

    Then once they are out they aren't going to risk another shock to get back in.

    I would be more inclined to make the actual fence more dog proof than relying on invisible fences.
    One trick that cat owners use that works on dogs as well is to use corrugated iron around the top of the fence but curl it inwards towards your yard.
    The dog/cat jumps up, but hits their head on the fence that bends back in and they can't get over it.

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    My uncle uses an invisible fence to keep his bedlington terriers in. But I don't know if it would work on a braver dog.

    You do have to train the dog what to do when it feels the collar activate. Or it may panic and go in any direction including over the fence and far away.

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