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    Twice recently I've seen our 6 month old puppy (desexed male jrt x hound) cock his leg on a toy our 2.5yo greyhound (desexed female) has been playing with and pee on it. I thought it was a jelousy thing and scolded him for it and put him outside. Tonight he did it on her without her having a toy or anything of his. Any ideas what's going on? He normally squats to pee. It's only these 3 times I've ever noticed him cocking his leg. He was desexed quite young.

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    My 8 month old doesn't cock a leg at all... maybe he is still learning and his aim isnt too good? LOL

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    Male dogs like to pee on objects.

    I would try putting a pole or an object you don't mind being peed on in your backyard and train him to that.

    My male started lifting his leg around 6 months and he never goes on just open grass, he always has to pee on 'something'.

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    You can train a dog not to cock his leg. It involves the umbilical cord system and no opportunity to pee if he lifts his leg. Ie you drag him by the collar if he lifts a leg. You only let him pee if he squats.

    I doubt peeing on the other dog's toys is a jealousy thing. It's more like it "smells right" or like "other dog" so he's marking his claim too.

    At the park, one dog will pee, then all the other dogs will queue up and pee over the same spot. It's not a jealousy thing.

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    I think it's a claiming/ marking territory thing. Our one year old pees on Roxie. ON her. The other day I caught him cocking his leg on her while she was trying to poo!!

    He doesn't do it often though, but when he does he gets the 'no' command (which is actually an 'uh' sound) and it stops him. Luckily he knows she's the boss now and it's stopped him.

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    The weird thing is our greyhound doesn't even react when he does it. She just sits there!

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