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    My partner and i have always said we would eventually like to own two dogs. We currently have a 5 month old male staffy x, who is booked in to be desexed in 3 weeks time. He is generally pretty well behaved, just a few problems with jumping up and barking at moving objects (broom, vaccum cleaner etc.)

    Anyway, I am starting volunteer work at my local shelter this weekend and was speaking to the lady there about possible fostering, with the intent of eventually adopting the right candidate. The majoring of dogs held there are staffy crosses, 1-2 years of age. We have taken a shining to a boxer x staffy 1 year old female they currently have there. I am yet to meet her but i do believe she may be a little timid.

    I know a lot of shelter dogs have been through a lot of trauma, and i worry our pup, Buckley may still be too young and in your face for these dogs. He has met lots of different dogs and with the majority of them, is dominant. The first time he met my sister little cavalier x, i thought he was going to eat her alive! He wasn't overly aggressive, just pulling on her tail and refusing to get off her when she was yelping. He gets along ok with my parents 12 year old GSP, but pushes the boundaries and doesn't know when enough is enough. The other day he had a play with two boxers he had never met, and it was the first time ever i had seen the roles reversed. The poor guy was pinned to the floor the whole time. The play was friendly enough, but very rough.

    I know the best judge will be getting the dogs together to see if they get along, i guess im just a little worried about the timing and if it's wise to bring in a dog that is older than Buckley? And then, should we be looking for females or males?? i always assumed one of each sex would be better than two males.. :S and if the dogs were to get along straight away, is it possible that one day that might just suddenly change?? i guess i'm just being a worry wart!! but i want to do the right thing by Buckley.
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    I find getting a second dog when your dog is a little younger can be both good and bad. Good because they are usually very welcome to meet other dogs and not so territorial in the home as older dogs. Bad thing is they can easily pick up bad habits from the other dog if your pup is not fully Trained.

    I would deffinately say fostering is your best bet, letting them know that you cannot commit to any dog as you are not sure how your pup is going to be.

    Goodluck with everything

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    Just make sure you go and take your pup when meeting the new dog. There's no point in bringing a new dog into your household if they're not going to get along with the one that already lives there.

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