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    My neighbours are getting a very lovely letter from me today. Anyone want to help write it?

    They bought a Blue Heeler pup not too long ago, I'd say the dog is about 8/9 months. I think he's pure just from looking at him, he's definitely gorgeous.

    I know that he's a puppy, and puppy behaviour is to be expected but he barks ALL THE TIME. If they're gone, it's constant whining, barking and howling. He has two barks. The first is the 'there's someone here bark' which is FINE. He barks, then stops. The other is a two tone Woof, woof. Woof, woof. He's bored.

    I've seen them walk him once the whole time they've had him, they took him to the end of the street and back. He's kept in a rectangle part of their yard (due to a house being built at the back) which is about 2m x 6m and all concrete. It's also littered with junk, a trampoline, a clothesline, a shed and other bits of rubbish.

    He barked so much the other day that I waited for 5 minutes when he was quiet, then gave him a kangaroo chew just to give him something to do. I know this is 'very bad' behaviour, but I feel bad for the dog. He has NOTHING. The constant barking just drives me CRAZY.

    Last night he barked until about 12am, then started again this morning at 7. It's unacceptable.

    I don't want to piss these people off, though it probably will, and I don't think calling the RSPCA is necessary or even the council at this point. I'd like to give them the opportunity to fix it, and I know things must be hard for them because of the house being built.

    Does anyone have any experience in this?

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    I actually have a next door neighbour that I'm having the same problem with. They have a huge rottie cross in a tiny yard which is full of rubbish (old playsets, green pool, rusty toys etc) and am also wondering what to do. I think my situations a bit different though as its an older dog and I just feel so sorry for him as he is always left alone and has nothing to do.
    But for you maybe in your letter you could mention dog parks nearby, local dog classes, so he can be socialised with other dogs as well as having something to do.
    Or suggest toys you have found useful (kongs etc) to keep him occupied. You want them to take responsibility for him so depending on your relationship with them maybe you could suggest going together for a walk once a week. This could show them how good it is and may encourage them to do it on their own more often!

    Good luck!

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    Barking Dog|Neighbor's Barking Dog

    I found this on the net, i think its american, but it will atleast give you an idea

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    With my neighbour's dog.

    I've tried training my neighbour - fail.

    I will try training his GF's children next.

    The dog, I treat like a pound puppy, ie I read somewhere if you manage to reward the quiet enough you get more of it... So I sneak kibble over the fence occasionally when she's quiet. And if she's quiet I will talk to her and let her sniff my hand and let my dog say hello under the fence (where neighbour can't see).

    This poor dog brings all manner of presents to that bit of the fence where my dog and her can say hello. Bones, rawhide chews, toys... It's a worry watching my dog with her paw up to her elbow under the fence trying to get one of the presents - especially if it is one of the forbidden bones.

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    I wouldn't write a letter, I'd go knock on the door and introduce myself. Explain what is happening and let them know you are a dog lover and you understand that dogs can and do bark. Maybe come up with some solutions together then.
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