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    Hi there,

    Im looking for a main reg female amstaff puppy.
    I have a particular colour I am looking for and I would love to eventually breed (later down the line).
    I have been thinking about it and researching for a couple of years and now I an at the time to purchase I cant find one that completely interests me.

    Here is a pic of our lovely amstaff x ridgeback Nhala who passed away 2nd May this year at 14 years of age.
    While I obviously dont want to replace my beautiful girl I would love a ped amstaff of the same colouring.
    Anyone know of breeders with puppies on main reg with red or fawn puppies?

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    Litters - Redboys Amstaffs - Breeders of Working American Staffordshire Terriers

    Try these people, I don't know what they are like as a breeder, I've only seen thier web site, but thier dogs look nice, and they probably have the colour you're looking for.

    worth a try anyways

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    I'm not big for selecting for colour.

    Be open to the right puppy with the "wrong" colour.

    That said, there seems to be good (health related) reasons for avoiding blue staffies and amstaff.

    I wanted a blue heeler, I went to the AWL to see a red heeler that was advertised on their website... and when I got there (I did phone first) it was gone, but there were blue heeler puppies so I got the friendly one of those. Worked for me.

    PS there are a few amstaff fans that visit here from time to time who might be able to help but they'd be more likely to open the thread if you put "amstaff" in the subject which I think you can do by editing your original post. Eg Looking for amstaff puppies...

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