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Thread: Most Dangerous Dogs?

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    Default Most Dangerous Dogs?

    I want this to be more of a animal planet type discussion as opposed to a four corners type discussion!

    Just wondering which breeds are the most physically capable of causing harm? I'm not talking about the media-run propaganda regarding pitbulls being nutcases and what not (plenty of other places to discuss that) Just a hypothetical situation.

    If someone said to you that you will be given one professionaly trained dog to protect you on a mission from all manner of evil. What breed would you choose? This is purely hypothetical but must be limited to domesticated breed.

    It would be great if you could also explain why.

    I'll start off with my completely uneducated opinion by saying I would probably want some type of Alaskan Malamute or Husky, that way he could keep me plenty warm and also have a good mix of agility, strength and endurance!

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    Not sure, but I'd be willing to wager that the Pug and Pekinese would inflict the least harm.
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    If I had to go with a professionally trained dog to save me from a hoard of zombies (what I assume you mean by evil)

    I would go a German Sheppard and a Doberman. They are well known for their guard dog ability.

    My Chihuahua on the other hand would not qualify this role and I would keep him safe with me.

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    I am really not sure either, alot of different breeds have different jaw strengths, different body strengths, all are different in their speed and "hunting" abilities, i think if you could choose a different aspect of alot of different breeds to make the perfect "weapon" that may be a better question. and maybe the fact that i am into lovers not fighters i really cant be of help.

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    I would say a german shep or a Rotty.

    Strong, smart and capable of ripping arms off

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    I would like a working bred GSD after all they are fairly commonly used by police. A nice stable GSD would be the one for me.

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    I would say blue heeler or GSD.

    There seems to be some fear factor with the ACD.
    My son had Bandit in town now and then, leashed and people went out of their way, some even crossing the road to avoid him.

    When I had Shadow, people (electricity. man, door to door religious) would not get out of the car.
    All Shads wanted was a pat, lol.

    Weird, as lots of farmers have them.

    If I really thought that I was badly threatened I would probably go with the GSD as it is bigger.

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    If I were to own a professionally trained guard dog, it would be a Belgian Malinois, Dutch Shepherd or Rottweiler.

    As for breeds that can do the most damage, you're looking at breeds like Central Asian Shepherds, Akitas, Boerboel, Cane Corso, Dogo Argentino, Mastiffs.

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    I find people cross the road when Walking down with my 2 rotts although I no they are friendly. I wouldn't want to be put against one who has been trained to be aggressive. They are extremely strong, loyal. And I would say pretty fearless when it comes to protecting their owner. ( if OH pretends to hit me Harley gets between us like go on try hit mummy again and see wat happens )

    I know in her prime Tessa could have taken a few zombies if she tried lol. Although one swift kick from them and her 5kg body would be 20 m away.

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    I'd probably go German shepherd as well. big solid serious looking dogs

    I agree with Di, in regards to the Blue Heelers. Growing up my neighbors had two. Needless to say they had very little human socialisation and were completely out of control. They bit the girl down the street on 3 separate occasions. One of them got bitten by a snake and died, not too sure where the other disappeared too. So sad because I'm sure they had the potential to be lovely dogs!

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