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Thread: What to Do About Fighting Dogs

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    I hope you find a way to make it work for yourself, your family and the dogs.

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    Just got Darla home, most of the wounds were superficial and her eye has returned to normal. Just is very tired as they only operated this morning. Its going to be hard work keeping them apart 24hrs but its the only option now. We will get Darla spayed once the bank account recovers from this round and then slowing introduce them back together once they are both healed and we have a pair of heavy duty muzzles.

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    hey, glad darlas ok

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    I'm glad your girl's ok and home resting.

    It's just plain awful when things like this happen.

    It's going to be tough work keeping them apart and keeping some sort of normality in your life but you sound truely committed to both dogs and I wish you luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by llmoose View Post
    Just went to the local best friends pet supply place and brought a cheap muzzle (the only one they had to fit) It lasted approximately 35 minutes before it broke...
    I also bought my 7" adjustable grooming muzzle to a local pet shop about $15. Very expensive but its kinda more lucky on my part than yours because it lasted for 2 weeks.

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