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Thread: Halti Head Collars... Safe?

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    Threats are unfortunately sold everywhere . Smoked bones that splinter a lot, toys for birds that are not stainless steel so can cause heavy metal poisoning, cages that rust, toys with large amounts of coloured threads that birds ingest, pack in their guts and they die from starvation...etc etc etc lots of stuff.
    Look at toys for kids on the market at times too, sometimes recalled.
    In my opinion so much can be a threat to the non discerning or those who have no idea how to properly use collars, walking aids etc. I would be one of them too unless I had to use them then I would make sure I found out how to do it properly. Many though, I think would just have a go in the way they think it might work.

    Any posts made under the name of Di_dee1 one can be used by anyone as I do not give a rats.

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    I have used them on a couple of dogs.... my beagle, didnt do much for her except trip me over as she would pull forwards backwards ( as normal) and the throw herself in front and in between my legs, at least with a check chain or normal collar she only goes forwards and back...
    hubbys kelpie..... worked a treat for him as he was hard to control at dog school, so was only used there and occassionally at home, but through it we managed to train him well enough to not need it.
    Dads used them on buth his old lab and his golden retriever.....both because even the slightest pull on the lead would be enough to make dad fall over ( he is physically not well) and over the last 7 yrs has had 4 shoulder reconstructions and numerous elbow ops as well as a spinal fusion... so for them it was not a matter of training as even the highest trained dog can have its moments, it was more a matter of making sure if that moment occured while dad was walking them that he would be safe and in control.

    I will say though make sure they fit properly and use with a normal collar as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Villain & Flirtt View Post

    1) that they do not teach the dog anything. Yes, your dog stops pulling. But you have not taught a loose leash walk, only to not pull on the headcollar. Once the collar is off, the dog will in most cases resume pulling.

    I have to disagree, purely from experience. Jackson was an absolute shocker on the lead when we got him. The only time I would walk him was on the halti, and taught him to walk next to me. Now he can walk on a flat collar without a problem. It was just a matter of praising him when he walked 'correctly'. IMO the halti just helped get the point home a little quicker (and also saved me an arm ache).l.
    I think the point to make here is you included your headcollar in a structured way and saw it as a training tool.... And made it work.

    I can see exceptions, definitely, where the headcollar can be used effectively, but, that said, Jucealala, not everyone thinks training in the way you do. I suspect you might be in the minority, lol. My original comments are/were quite broad do as to generalize to the mainstream :-)

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    I'm not a fan of head collars, but I can see they that could have there place.
    For someone with a lot of patience and gentle nature, I'd guess they would work fine for many dogs. There is always going to be exceptions though, some dogs are just so inconsistent in their behaviour from one day to the next. that sort of dog could be a problem with a head collar.

    I dread the thought of how much damage could be done to a developing dogs neck by a hot headed person with a short temper.

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    Totally with V&F here. I'm not a fan of head collars at all. Loose leash walking in a training problem not a tool problem, tools are used to give the owner the leverage needed to train the dog.

    If you're getting really bad blisters from her pulling, what leash are you using? Get a well made leather leash (I have several of the K9 Pro ones) and that will stop the blisters!

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