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Thread: How Can I Convince My Friend Not to Breed?

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    I used to talk to this woman online

    She has never desexed her 11 year old bitch and lo and behold, at 11 years old the bitch got pregnant.

    She gave birth to one huge pup that was either dead, or died not long after, and had another caught in the birth canal. The bitch went through a pregnancy and didnt end up with any live babies. The bitch was horribly upset about the whole thing and I believe died not long after.

    I told this woman to get the dog speyed while in pup and that nothing good was going to come of an 11 year old bitch being preggy for the first time but she didnt listen

    Embellish that a little bit and use that as ya horror story

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    Thanks for the horror story Lala. I hate to resort to scare tactics but there are enough unwanted puppies out there.

    I don’t know where she gets the idea she needs puppies! I mean she is pleased to have dog company and that is different. Poor lonely dog.

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    And now she is back into talking about it again. I said to her look at all the unwanted working dogs and her response was there are heaps of unwanted every kind of dogs.

    She keeps saying it is just something she wants to do.

    But earlier was complaining about the cost of training her puppy at puppy school. >.<

    She is making me really mad!

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    Quote Originally Posted by michelle89 View Post
    She keeps saying it is just something she wants to do.
    Unfortunately this is probably at the heart of the matter. It is something she wants to do and it is difficult to make a logical argument as to why not if she is in that frame of mind.

    I would just tell her that it is an incredibly selfish thing to do to an older dog given the risks. ACDS have a reasonably high risk of passing certain genetic diseases like PRA (dog goes blind), deafness and hip and elbow dyplasias and really both parents should be tested before being bred.

    She is putting the mother and puppies at high risk and if she is okay with that to satisfy her own selfish needs then there is not much you can do unfortunately.

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    You are right Kalacreek - That is another reason it bothers me because she is being selfish.

    I told her I thought it was a bad idea and she just brushed it off.

    I will keep you posted. Hopefully she has no luck mating.

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    I'd tell her, that I can't support what she is doing and can't be a friend with someone who is doing it.

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    That is what is going to end up happening. I just can't support it. I do a lot of work with rescue animals and it is so hard for me to see her being so stupid.

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    I work with rescue and animal welfare but I have friends who have bought from pfs, bybs and pet shops. I have friends who have been bybs, who have taken dogs to the pound, and who have sold undesexed dogs.

    They're still my friends. None of them would be cruel to an animal. None of them are horrible people. We all see things differently and we are all motivated by different things.
    A pessimist sees the glass as half empty;
    An optimist sees the glass as half full;
    A realist just finishes the damn thing and refills it.

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