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Thread: Looking for Ridgeback or Ridgeback X to Stand Over Bitch

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    A breeder removing puppies intestines for the fun of it?

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    I had coffee splerk moments with AngelnBatty and Crested responses. *waves finger at them* Bad girls.

    On the topic of vet nurses.... since when has being a Vet nurse meant that you know everything? Granted, someone working in the field should have additional knowledge, but I can tell you as a former vet nurse myself that many are nothing more than glorified kennel hands. Working at a vet clinic does not immediately qualify you as being intelligent or knowledgeable.

    I don't mean that as a slight against the OP, she possibly is a very intelligent and expreinced person. I am more amused at the idea that "she's a vet nurse, therefore she must be right or have lots of knowledge and expereince".
    A pessimist sees the glass as half empty;
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    Ridgeback run, run for You life!! Have you ever heard the saying do not poke the bear? You have just bitch slapped it!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ridgeback4 View Post
    I have people who would love some pups from my bitch and so would I..
    If I had $1 for every person who came to me and said they'd like a pup from my pair, I'd be VERY wealthy. BUT I don't believe that every one of those people would come through and take a pup if I did breed. To me it is the dog version of 'Oh, come visit and stay with us anytime' even though you know it's just being polite. Folks are saying 'I really like your dogs and their temperament/ behavior'... But expessed as 'oh, I'd love a puppy'. I dunno if that makes sense?

    And, no, noone here wants dogs to 'die out' (whoever said that)... Most simply support the death of irresponsible practice when it comes to animals overall. I would have thought that obvious.

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    When we don't have any need for dog pounds or shelters, I will believe that dogs might be in danger of extinction but until then - we have way too many unwanted dogs in this world without people breeding based on vague friends promises to take a puppy. These promises tend to evaporate when presented with an actual animal. Or they get taken on, but ditched, ruined at 6 to 8 months old for being impossible to live with.

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