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Thread: Too Old to Play?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anne View Post
    it is plain wrong to assume they are cruel and to judge them in such a way on the scant information given.
    has always been kept in the backyard for 14 years of her life.

    She's never had walks, met any other dogs and is not trained.

    they asked me to walk their dog because they're too lazy to...

    leaving the garden for the first time (never been to the vet too so I'm worried she might catch some diseases).

    That's enough for me to say that it's cruelty. Sorry. For me, cruelty isn't just beating and physically abusing another being. Cruelty is also denying something what is supposed to be natural such as play, walks, and yes - visits to the vet. Described above is not love. It's like having a Tamaguchi or plush toy if you ask me. Poor dog. :cry
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    Just because someone keeps a dog in a backyard, instead of inside a house, or someone makes a couple of loose statements on an internet forum it doesn't make it fact. I've read more conjecture and rubbish on forums than I have ever heard in real life.

    I don't plan to debate the point at any rate as I seriously don't care enough. The may be cruel, they may not, but I don't think it is my call or your call to judge them.

    Perhaps if you feel it is your call and it is abuse you should report them. Perhaps the OP should report them.

    Going back to the main point, I personally would not allow too much play between a small 14 year old senior and a much larger adolescent dog.
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