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Thread: Would a Rough Collie Suit Our Circumstances

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    Default Would a Rough Collie Suit Our Circumstances

    Hi All,

    Just after some advice on our choice of breed given our circumstances, would love some opinions from those that are familiar with Rough Collies as a breed.

    My husband and I and our 6yr old son live on 5 acres, looking to purchase a rough collie pup.
    We both work fulltime so would be out of the house from 8am till 6pm mon-fri.
    When we are at home, we would like to dog to be part of our lives, so with us, inside, and he would come with us on walks and trips on the weekends.
    The dog would have 5 acres to run around on and explore, and would have access to the sun room for warmth and shelter.
    My only concern is how a rough collie would handle the 'alone' time as i know some dogs cope with it better then others.

    can anyone offer some advice and opinions?

    Thanks in advance

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    We used to have a rough collie called Cody, she was a delightful dog. But did have a tendency to be a little anxious and I think it was our newfie who gave her confidence and kept her calm.I would consider her relationship with your son too. Rough Collies are very sensitive and this will be fine if your son is gentle. I have known a few in other homes with kids and they have been great. But they are known to be fear biters when cornered.
    I have always had more them two dogs. It is a long time to be alone, maybe even a cat could be some company.
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    Hi Lassie, if you are in NSW I can send you the details of a lovely woman who does Collie rescue. She knows the breed inside out and could advise you on the suitability of the breed and suggestions on how to find a breeder, or you may even choose to adopt a "pre-loved" dog.

    Anyway, let me know if you'd like the details for her. I am sure she would be happy to help.
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    You certainly have the space - maybe consider two dogs if you are going to be gone 8-6 during the week. Or you can get someone to visit during the day provided it is financially viable for you - My dog walker comes in on days where I know I will be working back very late. Very handy thing to have.

    Good luck with your new furry friend!

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    I'd also consider the smooth coat collie - like Lassie with a short coat. Ie same long nose and beautiful eyes and intelligence but less hair, less burrs, and less mucking around.

    And like Lassie - they are not born well behaved - it's up to you to train them and encourage the acceptable behaviour and discourage the unacceptable.

    And I recommend getting one dog trained, before getting a second, especially with the brainy breeds.

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