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Thread: Isnt It Annoying when Your Dog....

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    Default Isnt It Annoying when Your Dog....

    Obeys your OH faster than he does you!

    After all. Its me that gets up every bloody morning at 6am, come rain or shine, dark or light, a working day or a saturday 'Bernie doesnt get the 5 day week thang) to train and exercise him. Feeds him. Does all the structured training, grooming etc

    Dogs can sometimes behave in an ungrateful manner lol
    Annoying me this week!

    And managing to collect every sodding grass seed there is, in his trousers!

    What's your dog doing that needles you? Thought this might be lighthearted and fun. Please respond...

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    Johnny spent most of flyball last night running away from me. He does really well when he wants to but he gets so excited he just zooms around in circles.

    He also knows when I want to catch him – either to put him on a lead or put him outside. He does this thing where he gets close but if I move he sprints away. It is like a big game to him!

    Johnny is very very food motivated. He behaves if I have the treat pouch or his tug ball. But if I ask him to do things without these items he gets distracted.

    But I love him to bits anyway! Even when he embarrasses me at training. He turns 1 next week. I can’t believe he is a year old all ready!

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    What's your dog doing that needles you?
    Let me count the ways....

    They make an almighty racket when they *think* someone is at the door. Olivia is the worst offender and half squeals, half barks, and it PIERCES my ear drums!
    A pessimist sees the glass as half empty;
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    blooming eating anything that is not nailed down (including lego/crayons/candles), attempting to jump onto the dinner table/benches. Digging around in the children school bags and eating half their lunchbox as well as the contents....

    can you tell I have a food obsessed beagle?

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    When I'm busy trying to train her, and Dad comes outside and starts patting her, and she loses her head and doesn't listen when I call her back to me..... Or when she gets overexcited and goes into zoomies and loses her brain on the way.

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    Brodys barking....

    He usually only barks if someone is at the door but lately my OH has been finishing up at work at around 4am.
    The second he hears the car enter our STREET he starts! And it's sudden, loud and usually right in my ear on the bed.

    I've tried all the collars, citronella, vibration etc... nothing works.

    Next step is ear plugs.

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    When she attempts to eat everything possible when I take her on walks.. I just took her around the block but not without her trying to eat:
    A leaf.
    A bug.
    Pieces of dirt that may or may not resemble dog treats.
    An entire ants nest.
    A childs shoe
    Her own lead... the list goes on!!

    Lucky I love her

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    I'm trying to process olives for pickling and the dog keeps trying to help. Found a chewed olive this morning - I guess they're not ready yet (too bitter for the dog). I don't know how I'm going to get them bottled without dog hair included.

    I stuck her in the crate today so I could get the water changed without help. And she carried on like a pork chop - intermittantly - just in case I'd forgotten what I'd done with her. Of course I didn't go near her until she was quiet.

    We had a nice agility practice tonight, she worked for tug intermittantly but was very keen to work for food.

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    Hmm annoying stuff

    Barney: Whinges for no APPARENT reason. I am sure he has a reason for it but I am always completely clueless. He does it in the car too and it really drives me bonkers there. Also, when he continues to attempt to sit on your lap (he is 40kgs) even after you have asked him not to (though I do usually love cuddles with him when I want them)

    Pippi: Is a rubbish bagger. Out first ever rubbish bagger and it drives me crazy. If she goes to the kitchen, you can guarantee that she is attempting to get stuff out of the bin. What is funny though is, if you ignore her, she will get seomthing out of the bin and go and put it in her night time sleeping area, then come back and get something else. She waits until she has a little pile before she goes and chews/eats/wrecks them all LOL Also, she thinks she gets to say when she has a walk and will just go up and stare at her lead. I find this really cute, except when she does it right after we get back from a walk.

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    Roxie follows me into the toilet. She is a little ginger ninja, she won't be in sight when I walk in but when I turn around she's there looking at me.

    If she somehow misses out and I do get in there by myself, she just opens the door and then looks at me accusingly.

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