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    I took my dogs with me today (as always) to Mum's for a cuppa... let them in the yard with the door opened Mum made the coffee and we sat at the table, I had been there about 10mins the dogs in my site all but the last couple of mins... just as I started to drink my mum jumps up and runs outside to where she had layed RatSack a few days earlier... it was well hidden and I wasnt too worried, I then noticed a couple of pellets on the ground... and thought it was best to ring the vet... 'bring them in NOW' ....... I said to the vet I think the old boy may have gotten to one or two pellets that mum might have dropped but the others should be ok... we wernt there long enough for them to get at it... WRONG..... my vet made all three dogs throw up and Fonz had a massive stomach full of the crap... I'm so lucky that my Mother remembered it was there when she did another half hour and it would have began to ingest... as it is... all three dogs are fine and getting lots of attention tonight.... way too close for me...

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    I'd say lucky!!

    To you and the staffies... Glad they're ok!!

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    Very lucky!

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    Oh doG, hand on heart stuff that is.

    So glad your Staffs are all ok. It is amazing what mischief a dog can get up to in just a couple minutes.

    Your right lucky your mum remembered so quickly that it was out or it would have a been a very different situation.

    Give your pups lots of kisses and cuddles from me and my girls. They should be thanking their lucky starts those 3.

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    Phew, gald to hear they were ok. I am also glad that the Vet insisted you bring them in.
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    Yes I'm a bit reluctant to take my dog around to my mum's place at the moment. She's been happily putting out talon bait blobs - the sort that rats carry off. And she didn't tell me until after my dog went in the shed where some of them were.

    Fortunately my dog did not find or eat anything while she was in the shed. I didn't let her get that far - ie I followed her in and pulled her straight out. But I was pretty mad at my mum about that. She's got no idea how deadly the stuff is.

    So glad you didn't take it for granted the dogs wouldn't have hoe'd in. Most dog food and rat sack are very similar in the ingredients used to make the food appetising...

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    Oh gosh! That was very lucky!

    I have been looking into getting a rat zapper for our place, I would never put bait down and I worry about them getting paws and noses caught in traps.
    The rat zapper is safe to touch... rat goes inside and boom, instant kill.

    Rat Zapper Electronic Pest Control - Electric Rat & Mouse Traps

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    WOAH! That was a close one! Very lucky!!

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