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Thread: The Best Dog Sitting Service For You

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    Default The Best Dog Sitting Service For You

    Which Dog Sitting Service Is Right?

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    As we told you last time... this site is A-U-S-T-R-A-L-I-A-N. None of us are flying to America to have our dogs walked.

    Seeing as how you never replied to the other threads you started... reported for spamming.

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    Agree Crested. They are obviously trying to drum up business and that is the only reason for their posts. Nothing worng with drumming up business, but I would think that none of us join up here to have ads thrwon at us all the time too.
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    Th best sitting service for me?

    Not this one !

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    If someone wants to advertise their business that's fine, but they should also participate in the site.

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    And they should at least be dog related

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