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    I am desperately trying to get pedigree papers for my American Bulldog, I have sent money and puppy paper to Matt Furlong (ABRD) in september 2009.
    i think its safe to say after all this time, he has no intentions of sending my papers... i have even just asked for a refund and he wont do that either.....

    Can anyone tell me where else i can go or who to contact..............please.

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    American Bulldogs are not recognised by ANKC so you won't be getting papers that recognise the pedigree from the Australians.

    Matt Furlong has been mentioned in here, fraud comes to mind. At least you have a nice dog.

    Occasionally Beau posts in here. I think he knows something about American Bulldogs and clubs. I think there are several different American Bulldog clubs in oz and they all disagree on breed standard - but they may be able to help you out with "papers". Otherwise - you might as well create your own version.

    And if anyone promised you (ANKC pedigree) papers in writing - you might have a case for your local consumer affairs office ie the people responsible for dealing with business fraud.

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    Kat drop me a line at and I will see if I can help you out at all, I run the NABRA registry, there are certain conditions you will need to meet to have your AB 'papered' through us which you can see here Terms and Conditions - National American Bulldog Registry & Archives
    I have been helping people with problems like this for a while now, the story is all to familiar... if you agree to dna and microchip and go through all the steps I will send you papers out for free as I have been to others who have been in your same situation..... if i can help you out in anyway please let me know

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    Default american bulldogs

    Hi Kel, thankyou very much for your offer to help me, i will certainly look into it. cheers Kat

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