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Thread: Seeking Some Assistance from My Fellow Dog-Forum-ers

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    Argh Jackson has this problem too and I'm at a loss what to do. He's never bled, but he chases and chews his tail. I've put deep heat on it and he doesn't even notice it. He too goes into a trance when doing it.

    I didn't think the amputated tails anymore. If I thought it would stop Jackson doing it I would probably try and get it done.

    My trainer did tell me not to yell at them when doing it though, just distract them with clapping or a loud noise of sorts. Then when they're calm they get the reward.

    It hasn't worked for us so far but Jackson lived in a house with a constant drug abuser, so I have no doubt his brain is a little fried. It's frustrating.

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    A vet will still amputate if s/he is convinced there is a medical reason for doing so, eg tail (or leg) gets injured in a bad accident and cannot be healed.

    What I did was walk into Frosty any time she started. And I would watch for any triggers (like me getting home), and stop her by telling her to sit/roll over/come/drop etc before she got started. It's much better to prevent it starting than to stop it once it starts but the worst thing you can do is ignore it because it is "self reinforcing" like fence running and barking... Ie it encourages itself.

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