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Thread: De-sexing

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    I'm not going to agree with you at any point.

    I believe that the dumping of unwanted animals is a social issue. That is my opinion and you berating me will not change that.

    I also stand by the FACT that there are a LOT of things that I don't want to pay for either. I'm glad for you people (who can look after themselves, but most are too lazy to do so) are more important, do not expect me to share that point of view.

    I do not assume that since you are a FORMER rescuer that you know all there is to know about rescue. In fact I don't believe that any one person has all of the answers. Nor do I believe that your opinion is the one and only correct one as it comes across in your posts that you are the only one who could possibly have the right opinion.

    I would very much appreciate links to any and all of this data that you have as I have a lot of contacts who would appreciate being made aware of it.

    The relevance of those statistics was from your comment that there is not an over population of pets issue in this country. If that was not an issue there would not be such a high number of euth's each year.

    And now I dust my hands of this topic. I'm sick of going around in endless circles. I hope you are right and mandatory desexing is not the answer, but I hope to hell there is a fast fix to it because there are way too many animals dying because of human carelessness and irresponsibility. That is a social issue, whether you're in denial of that or not.

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    You don't seem to understand 'social issue' in the context of Government policy.

    Don't get yourself in a pickle, we are merely having a discussion.

    Pet overpopulation is a myth. Do your research. Look at pet ownership figures and population figures in Australia for the last 20 years then come back here and tell me you still think we have a pet overpopulation problem.

    Here are the 2 main reasons why I support the thinking that it is a myth;

    1. Human population growth has increased. It has increased in large numbers (in the multiple millions) and will continue. Pet ownership numbers have grown in some areas by a relatively miniscule amount in comparison or have actually declined.

    Cat and dog population dynamics
    Annual national surveys of pet owners reveal an irrefutable finding: owned cat and dog numbers are in steady decline. Cats have dropped from 3.2 million cats in households in 1988 to 2.3 million cats in 2006. Dogs dropped from 4 million dogs in households in 2000 to 3.75million in 2006 [BIS Shrapnel, 2006].
    2. Pets are still in high demand because we don't have an overabundance of supply... if there was, there wouldn't be demand. It is a basic marketing principle. This supply and demand is affected by the very fact we euthanase dogs. There is no over supply though. If there was, litters upon litters of pups would end up in our pounds, being dumped and being euthanased because no-one would buy them.

    An American study [Salman, New, Scarlett, Kass, Ruch-Gallie & Hetts, 1998] found 71 reasons for owner relinquishment of cats and dogs, where "overpopulation‟ represented only 8% of this relinquished population. Other studies have also found that owner relinquishment was a minor contributor to shelter populations.
    [Proceedings for AIAM, Marston, Bennett, Toukhasti, 2007)
    Perhaps your 'contacts' might like to conduct their own research. Here is the results of a simple search I did just then;

    This information is drawn from the USA in areas where mandatory desexing was introduced;
    San Mateo County, California Mandatory desexing, 1991
    * Dog deaths in shelters increased 126%
    * Cat deaths in shelters increased 86%
    * Licences (registration) decreased 35%

    Los Angeles, California Mandatory desexing, 2000
    * Decline in dog licencing compliance
    * Animal control budget increased 269% from $6.7m to $18.0m

    Capitola, California Mandatory desexing, 1991
    * Licensing compliance has dropped significantly
    This is just a tiny selection of material. Desexing is not the key to our problem.
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