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Thread: Pet Insurance

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bronx View Post
    Hi Dakota, we had two big issues the first was knee reconstruction and the second was major surgery for growths on the spine, we also claim for minor things when we go to the vet. You do have to pay the full bill up front which in our case was to SASH they offer payments plans but we put it on the card and claimed immediately, we got the money before the card bill was due.

    We have two dogs now and both are in the RSPCA plan, touch wood I hope I never make a major claim again
    thanx for that information

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    I was originally with Medibank and found them great but they have changed their cover from 100 percent to 80 percent for new policies.

    They covered 100 percent for a renewal policy for Podge our Cattle cross Kelpie but I also wanted to put Sheba our Staffie cross on the policy and they would only cover 80 percent for her as she was a new policy.

    So I have taken a cover out for both dogs with Petsecure at $12,000 yearly cover and 85 percent cover which seems to be about the highest cover percent over the whole range of insurers now and they don't have any excess to pay either.

    Also make sure that you get the vet to fill out the cruciate ligament form within 14 days of the policy commencement to waive the 6 month waiting period.

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    Thanks everyone, I am going to have a look at it. I work in the Private Health sector so I know how tricky cover can be, they try and get out of paying all the time and the fine print is VERY important.

    Just another quirky thing I found, I was looking at a US forum of Doberman owners and discovered that they have trouble getting HOUSE insurance because they have a doberman.....can only assume in sue crazy US that is abut public liability???

    I shall do some reaserch.
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