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    Okay this might sound strange and I'm not really complaining but Comrade hardly ever barks. I mean he CAN bark (I've heard him a few times over the last few weeks) but he doesn't seem to bark as much as other dogs of been in contact with. Like my sisters dog Jet (who lives next door) barks all the time, too much, but even when he barks comrade doesn't. And when he play fights with Jet, hes silent as well... maybe a few snuffly sounds. The only time I've heard him recently was because there was a balloon on his bed and he'd seen one bust the day before so he was barking at it. How often do your dogs bark?

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    Our 'Keesie' would practice her barking skills whenever she was on the wrong side of the sliding glass door..

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    Not very often. If a strange dog comes to the gate - especially if it's off lead and carrying on - they'll have a bark at it. It's hard to tell them off when another dog is carrying on at their fence trying to engage them...

    Our Saluki girl is classic, she doesn't bark much but sometimes she thinks she sees something concerning and she says "ruff" quietly. I've never known a dog to actually say that - it's hilarious. If you tell her to stop she always has to have the last word, even if it's under her breath...

    Me: "Suri stop that"

    Suri: "...Ruff!""

    "Suri, quiet."




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    Oh hahaha That is hilarious!

    So you don't think I have anything to worry about? I guess some breeds park more then others?

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    I love Suri!!

    "There is enough love and concern for animals in every community to overcome the irresposibility of the few"
    Nathan Winograd.

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    I think it's nice to have non-barkers. A rescue pup we have at the momet is a barker... Is very frustrating to listen to at 5am...

    Suri is really funny - I've just taken some pics of her and am running of to the photo thread to post them...

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    Cookie hardly barks either all the other dogs in the neighbor hood bark at her on our walks but she dosent make a sound.

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    Billie barks if she hears someone outside yelling or when certain dogs in the neighbourhood barks

    Flash NEVER barks at home - EVER!! he will ocassionally bark when we are out walking and other dogs bark at him

    Cappy barks appropriately. When new neighbours move in it takes him a while to stop barking at them - but the people who own their house live behind them and are grateful as no one can sneak up on them. He no longer barks at the landlords lol.

    "Enough" is a common word here



    Bark bark



    I mean it!!

    little bark *hurt look*

    Or if he is inside with me I will see a bark coming and I will just quietly say "no" and he will look at me and if he is serious he will get up and go check it out

    cappy is great as he doesnt bark until someone is close enough to check out. if he knows them all is fine, if not - barking!

    I often say "thank you" when cappy barks and he stops

    As I said, he barks appropriately lol

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    Since August Kimba has barked twice. Once when we first got her and I was teasing/scaring her with one of those backflipping toy dogs and the other was when a group of religious people turned up.
    She has the deepest Bark, she sounds like it would come from a dog 10x her size!

    Shes not a Barker at all, I was worried too, especially since she doesn't growl either. I have tried to stir her up to see if she actually could but can't get her angry enough. I worry because I'm afraid that one day if she has had enough she will snap without warning.

    My brothers dog Buddy is the opposite. I swear that dog even barks at the wind changing direction. You only have to touch his toy and he growls.

    My old dog Beau would only bark if Missy (foxy x) was. She would be barking out the front and he'd run out and bark having no idea what for!! lol

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    Okay good to know he's not the only one... I am glad hes not a big barker but at the same time I want him to express himself as well. He grunts a bit when I am giving him a cuddle.. he loves it when I 'massage' his head and ears

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