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Thread: Barking

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    My Axle is one of the biggest barkers out of the all the dogs I have owned! When I come home from work, he barks at Saxon because Saxon is trying to get a pat, and Oscar just howls because he wants a pat, but because Axle was there first, he bullies them until he gets the first pat! Axle barks and leaves, tree's, rocks, me if I'm dressed up (because I don't look like myself) cars, postman, neighbours etc. And I do the same thing Occy, I say:



    Axle, I said enough!!


    Don't make me say it again Axle Rose! (thats his nickname hehe)

    Bark .... ?

    Right, thats it, no treats for you tonight!

    Grunt ... *big puppy dog eyes*

    I have to do that about every 2 days lol, so frustrating sometimes! But the weird thing is, it's either first thing in the morning, or late at night, he never barks during the day!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sharoo View Post
    Since August Kimba has barked twice.

    ...and the other was when a group of religious people turned up.
    Am loving this! Can you teach mine to do that?

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