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    So today I was informed I would be Puppy-sitting. My brother's gf has a habit of surprising people with animals - which is frankly frustrating. Currently my parents are "minding" her anti-social cat (and have been for 2 months). And now I am looking after her dog while she is away for the night. She didn't ask - just brought him over.

    Her dog is a 3 month old puppy - some big poodle cross - and it has terrible separation anxiety. It can't be alone or it howls and howls and tears things apart. It also isn't house trained so I can't even keep it inside with me.

    What can I do for this needy little guy? Don't ask me how long it is going to be here - I really want to drop it home early tomorrow because it is very distressed.

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    I would board him at the RSPCA and put her details on the forms. If the dog is not vaxed and wormed I'd ask them to do it.


    You don't want to encourage brother or gf to dump their unwanted pets on you.

    You really need a crate. And some roast chicken cut into little peices and maybe a beef shin bone with the meat on.

    While it is in a crate it can't do damage where you don't want - including your garden.

    And you can reward it if it ever shuts up.

    I kind of accidentally trained my dog to cope with being without me by the Victoria Stillwell method. Ie leave the room, return immediately treat dog (as long as its quiet). repeat five times. Leave the room, wait five seconds, return, treat, repeat... etc. There will be some howling if you need to go out longer but at least the dog gets a handle on what it needs to do ie if it starts to make noise when you're returning and it was quiet until you opened the door - go back out without treating or saying anything, wait for a second of quiet and try again.

    But if you take this on, you are training your brothers gf that it's ok to dump pets with you. If that's not ok with you - I'd take it to a boarding kennel affiliated with a shelter eg RSPCA and AWL do both.

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    I agree with Hyacinth about the training part. Reward the good behaviour and build up leaving him in small increments. I house sat a dog that used to urinate on everything (boy of course). We had a playpen for the kids and I threw him in there, and if he got really bad howling, sometimes if I was still in the room, I sprayed him with water. It didn't take long for him to figure out the good and the bad and he'd be quiet if I just lifted up the spray bottle.

    Toilet training, just watch him vigilantly. When he goes outside and starts doing his business, praise him with a catch word. We use 'wees', as in, 'do wees, good boy.' Treat when he goes on the grass. It's handy for them to know what the word is, I can tell Roxie to go to the toilet anywhere and as soon as I say it, she starts sniffing for a spot to go.

    Having said that, if you aren't having the dog for that long it might not be worth it.

    It sucks that they're dumping the dog on you, and the cat with your parents. You could take him to the rspca or a kennel, but that's probably going to cause some tension.

    You definitely need to talk to your brother and his gf. You aren't responsible for their pets.

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    The worst part about it was she wasn't even concerned by the separation anxiety because "there is always someone home." She lives in a share house. The house isn't big enough for the dog - the yard wouldn't keep a rabbit busy.

    The dog has gone home now. Another night of its crying and I might have cracked - I slept terribly.

    I gave them the number of my dog walker/pet carer and said to call her if they ever need someone to look after him again because I am not interested until he has had significant training and work.

    My OH suggested taking him to a kennel given it is his house and he wasn't even asked. But it wasn't worth it.

    The pup only managed to pee in my house once more. I did take him for a walk which he liked and slept soundly afterwards.

    I get so mad when people don't care enough about their pets. Poor silly dog.

    On the plus side two of my foster kittens went to their new home today Just the mum and one kitten to go.

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    went for a walk at my local oval. Saw a lot of dogs that I hadn't seen before. Most of them were obese. Really really dragging belly on ground F A T.

    Very sad. A friend who baby sat a neighbour's unfortunate dog on weekends had it PTS on friday from general organ failure. It too was F A T. It managed to live to 14 years despite the over feeding and neglect by its owners. It was allowed to help itself to as much crappy dry food as it could eat all day every day and only got good food and exercise and vet care on the weekends.

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    That is very sad for the dog - I really think a lot of people shouldn't own dogs. The dog also has issues interacting with other dogs - it was very very timid around Johnny and my parents dog (a mini foxie). This puppy had to be bigger than both of them and it was very very frightened.

    There were many obese dogs at the MPW today. I saw a lot of chihuahua's being carried by their owners that were very obese too. Johnny must be the exception because he loves running and hates being picked up. At the end of the 4km walk he wanted to keep going.

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