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Thread: Vent - but Not the Usual Type

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    Default Vent - but Not the Usual Type

    So i took Phi to the large local dog park this arvo got there about 3 pm and started to look to leave just before 5 pm well I started looking for my keys and they were gone (must have fallen out of my pocket at some stage) so i start to freak out it is a massive park and i had been there for 2 hours they could be anywhere. So i had a look around some of the areas I had been with no luck so I ask a lady and she tells me someone picked some up and left them sitting on the bins so I go for a look qnd they are not there!! I start asking people as they leave if they have them and I got replies of no but they saw them sittimg there, i called the cops to see if they had been handed in....nope. 45 mins of asking everyone etc no Luck, checked by my car nope not there. Its getting dark by this stage and some people i was talking to earlier came back to say they had seen some kids sitting on thr fence near where the keys were maybe they threw them in the bin so I walk back to the park gate and the last lady there sees me looking and asks if I was looking for keys i tell her I am, she tells me she heard a little girl tell her mum her brother put them in with the poo!!!!! So I called Bris City Council to come unlock the bin. Suffice to say i am still here!! Hopefully they will be here in the next 30 mins.

    Seriously though bloody kids!!!!! Soooo angry right now. And cold, i can barely type my fingers are so cold on top of that im sick and not dressed for this weather . And poor Phi is sooo bored and cold too. Can't believe it. What a shocker of a day!

    Excuse grammer/spelling etc on iphone with cold fingers.
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    Hope you have been rescued by now, how awful for you.

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    Geebus. I hope you have them now.
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    Hope the keys are found.........Have a nice hot toddy to calm the nerves and warm the body
    Pets are forever

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    Oh no! Hope the council showed up and you are at home defrosting now!

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    LOL bugger

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    Haha thanks everyone.

    Yep home and defrosted (both me and Phoenix!) Keys are soaking as they smelt RANK, I mean absolutely RANK it was horrid! I don't know if they will ever smell the same.

    What a horrible afternoon. I think that park is miss from now on. Not only did the local feral children throw my keys in the poo bin but there were a LOT of dogs with issues there, I saw at least 4 dogs who either attacked another or were on the cusp of it.

    Thank doG for a warm house and hot chocolate!

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    That is just plain terrible.

    Who would throw out keys? Seriously -.-

    Glad to hear you are home safe.

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    good to read you were lucky enough to get ur keys back and get home.

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    There is a great term for the kids that threw away your keys, and it's a common colloq. for "poo", rhymes with "herd"... lol! @ the pun {intended!}

    Glad you got your keys back... yes, chocolate and a heater, the two best fixes for pretty much everything in Winter!

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