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    Morning all,

    Just thought I would share my story of Lilly's naughty happenings this morning.

    We went out for our walk, and came across my parents' neighbour and her dog Lilly (I know confusing). I made Boof n Lilly sit while Jan n Lilly went past. All was well, I waited til they (well Lilly really) were calm and off we walked.

    I decided to change the hand I had Lilly's lead in, and as I did. BANG she was gone ... off over to Lilly n Jan! I sang out to Jan and told her to stand still and tell Lilly to sit, which she did and my Lilly just sat there looking at them.

    BUT.... then Jan picked her Lilly up (Jan has ZERO trust of dogs, as her son's dog woke them up at midnight attacking their other son's dog. There was lots of blood and damage and she was very worried as her Lilly has access to the backyard at night, so I can understand her distrust). Well my Lilly then wanted up there with her Lilly, so she jumped up. I growled her (while running over) and told her to sit again. She did so.

    When I got there, I got Lilly but then Boof wanted to know what was going on. So all 33kg of him jumped up (needless to say Jan wasn't impressed - can you blame her? Poor lady).

    So they both got corrections and we sat there for about 5 minutes until they were some what calmer and then continued home (on an alternate route as a house 4 doors down had a dog escape and he was roaming the streets...... AH ANIMALS... gotta love em!

    Sorry just had to share......

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    That sounds like a pleasant walk to me LMAO

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    Lol well most of it wasn't too bad. One of those 'interesting' days lol.

    I guess it's lucky I know her and her history so I can understand her behavior, despite knowing Lilly wanted to play. She did the big old bow etc albeit with a tremendous slide jobby attached coz she was at such speed.

    Had it been my other mate with her RR we ran into they would have had a sniff n a doggy chat n away we would've gone. Lilly o viously became more interested when other Lilly got picked up.

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