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Yes, he is our grandson and thanks he is out of the wars now. Covers his ear with hair or hats, but has been psychologically affected as well as his sisters who witnessed the mauling. He gets hysterical if a dog comes towards him, including our own puppy Dakota whom was just 13 weeks when we went to visit over easter. By day 3 with dakota he was more relaxed as I taught him ways to use language and body language to deter dogs for now, until he gets over the trauma if ever.
Forgot to mention the obvious-pain, lots of pain, hours in theatre under a full general anaesthetic, grafting and lots of touch and go hankering on if the tissue would take. His ear was black for some time, needing regular checks to see if it would resume a blood supply or in fact it would become necrotic. Owners of the dog live so close, have never approached or even asked about Eden, nor any form of an apology. My family actually have thought about the demise of the dog and being animal lovers themselves, feel bad for the dog being euthanased, despite what it did. I think the onus lays with the owners but secondly the council, but who knows the reasons the rotti was so aggressive. It had become fiercely territorial of its fenceline, may have never had socialisation and perhaps used guarding its fenceline as its only function that met its drive. Only one possibility, who really knows. Sad situation all around. The owners are responsible firstmost.