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Thread: What Other Pets Do You Own!

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    my ferrets love the vacuum. but i really dont think they like it anymore, mishka got sucked up when i was cleaning. ._. shes all good though!

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    My pet total is varies quite a bit! We foster on and off.

    My permanent pets are my Johnny, Lena (cat – Bengal) and Paul (Siamese).
    Foster cats keep things interesting. Right now I have a mum and three kittens. They sound more like elephants than kittens stomping through the house.

    I really want another dog, a turtle and a ferret. But my partner said no to all three. He all ready shares a bed with the dog and two cats, I don’t know if he would fit with another dog.

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    i just have to say, male ferrets do stink a LOT more than females!
    oh and regarding ferrets keeping still after being desexed!
    one of my little girls, Scrat, was so tired after the op, she fell asleep in her water bowl!
    Sooo cute!
    i'm soooooo tired.jpg
    anyway, my zoo consists of
    Dodge, blue and tan Australian Kelpie
    Koda, blue merle Australian shepherd
    Sebastion, black and white DSH cat
    Bubbles, tortoiseshell DLH cat
    Tank, Tabby DSH cat
    Minky, Sable mitt ferret
    Scrat, Sable ferret
    4 chooks
    and lots of cows!

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    I have....
    ABBEY a beagle x
    LILLY a choc lab puppy
    EMILY 7 month old kitten

    DUSTY 4yr old QH
    TOMMY 18 yr old qhxarab

    all chooks

    BELLA duck

    crikey it looks like alot when you write it up.....

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