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Thread: Older Dog and New Puppy Issues (boxers)

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    Default Older Dog and New Puppy Issues (boxers)

    Hi there
    we have a 2 year old boxer(male) that is really stand-offish to our new 10wk old puppy(female).
    i know it might be hard for him as he did have all our attention and was spoilled, but we are still giving him just as much love.
    they have been sleeping inside on seperate beds but if she tries to snuggle into him he gets up and walks away and during the day he hides down the side of the house. they might play for about 4-5 minutes then thats it.
    she does nip his chest, jowls and ears to the point he has scabs on his chest.
    i think this might be why he hides? just to get a break.
    we have only had the puppy for 3 weeks now, is this a normal behaviour.
    we were hoping they would share a kennel, but it doesn't look like they ever will.
    anyone got some advise or tips

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    I have GSPs. I'm kind of in the same situation. I have a female, 2 years old and she had a litter of pups, and we've decided to keep one of the boys as company for her.

    But she's a bit grumpy with him sometimes. She thinks she's the boss, so we have to teach her that, we're the boss. She has a little spot on the couch next to us, and since we've started letting him sit up on our laps, she gets very territorial and does a low growl at him, basically warning him away...

    I know what you mean about the difference in energy levels. Cleo will play with the pups out back for a little while and then jump up onto the trampoline to have a snooze in peace lol

    So, I'll be interested in what everyone has to say in this post too

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    They don't have to snuggle or cuddle to get along. Some dogs just like their personal space.

    The older dog doesn't have to (and shouldn't have to) accept annoying behaviour from a puppy. YOU need to teach the puppy what is acceptable and to respect the older dog. If the play gets too rough, or your older dog is giving signs that he's had enough and the pup isn't listening, separate them or give a time out. Praise when they are acting calmly or playing nicely. You wouldn't let your 2 year old child jump on your grandma's lap, pull her hair and poke her eyes, would you?

    And don't get angry at your older dog if he gets grumpy with the pup or wants to be left alone. It is up to you to protect him.

    I have two dogs aged 6 and 1. They don't snuggle, they don't share a kennel, and the younger one is frequently getting told off (by the other dog) for being a brat. But you know what? They enjoy each other's company, they like interacting with each other and having both of them enriches our lives.

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    I'm sure the adjustment period will take longer than 3 weeks, so I wouldn't stress too much just be consistent with their training, and make sure the pup is getting A LOT of stimulation and exercise

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    Let the older dog put the pup into place too, don't allow it to escalate but trust me, it makes a world of difference later on if you allow your older dog to teach the pup some manners. Yes there are times where if the pup doesn't mind you need to step in, remove the pup with no fuss, put pup in a crate to teach pup to listen to the warning signs from the older dog.

    I have a dog that behaves like an 8 week old puppy at 19 months old - this is bad. He doesn't take any notice of warning signs because he wasn't disciplined when he was younger by any of the dogs around him. His biggest playmate was a young border collie who was the same as Batty.

    Let the puppy learn, supervise & if the puppy isn't getting the hint to calm it down, remove the puppy. If puppy nips and bites at your older dog and your older dog won't tell it off, remove the puppy and play with your older dog. You need to teach your puppy that if play gets out of hand the game stops.

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    When I got my pup (female) I had a 3 yo female, she was quite standoffish after the initial meet and greet and wouldn't play with her but as the younger has grown and now matches my other dog in size they wrestle and play A LOT!

    Sometimes older dogs just realise they can't play like they want to with a younger dog and get bored. I would also say it is annoying to have a pup constantly hassling you so yes probably hides to get some time out.

    Have you got a secure pen or crate for your pup? It is ideal to teach your pup now while it is young to enjoy spending time on its own in its own space. It will also give you time to spend with your older dog and for your older dog to relax.

    These are the trainers I use. They are currently raising their next puppy a now 10/11 week old Cavalier and they have a 7yo Cavalier also. This is their YouTube channel, lots of interesting/informative videos on Confinement areas, positives of confinement training, toilet training etc and more being added each week. Danielle has over 15 years of hands on experience in dog training of all kinds.

    YouTube - TheUrbanPuppy's Channel

    They also have loads of resources on their website
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