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Thread: Update on Lukey, Our Rescue Newfie

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    Default Update on Lukey, Our Rescue Newfie

    I have been so very busy with the dogs, showing, Obedience Demo's and trialling. Plus I am working and doing my Course, which I hopefully finish in August. So far have been doing OK. But it is "full on". Dog behaviour is just so amazing and it enthralls me. it keeps me too busy to be online

    Lukey is such a sweet dog, just like a younger Tobias, the rescue newfie who passed away in December. We have been very lucky in being allowed to have him. We have been showing him, because that is one of the reasons he was dumped, "he was no good in the show ring", as per previous owner. And we want to show the previous owner they are wrong!!!!! It was them not him. And he is a really good type, so he has to proof he is good enough to keep entire.
    Well we are just proofing them wrong. Initially he crawled into the ring at our Kennel Club, but now he trots in with us and is one happy camper. He has been out at All Breed Shows with us, three times and has won "Best in Breed" three times and even best Aussie Bred in Group (Utility, Group 6). We were all amazed.......Even the Breeder is surprised.
    I have a young six year old girl (Renee, foster child of one of my friends) help us with the grooming. And she was so proud of him when he won, because she helped groom him, that she took him by herself around all the other exhibitors, showing off his Bright Pink and Gold ribbon/sash (awful thing really). She thought it was beautiful, so she now has it hanging in her bedroom. He just trotted along with her, no pulling ( he used to pull like a train initially), no shyness, just happy. made our day........We were happier with that than the win. We are not really into showing at all
    She has now started Show Training with him, so that she can enter Junior Handler. They were so cute to watch last Tuesday at the Kennel Club. And Renee has been telling anyone who listens that she is doing training now.
    Amazing how these two souls get on, both were battered. Both are happy now. She also "trains" Katy, so sweet to watch.
    At the shows we have this Pile of newfs (+Tessa) and also a pile of kids. Five dogs and five kids (my friend has five foster kids). We at least make some of those serious show people smile, because the kids lie amongst the staked dogs
    Pets are forever

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    Fantastic Newfie. So good to hear he is doing soooo well now. Your are just wonderful in your work with this breed.

    Congrat on the Best in Breed wins that is awesome!!

    Renee sounds sweet and you (and her foster Mum) are clearly doing a good thing for her.

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