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Thread: Help - Barking Border Collie

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    Unhappy Help - Barking Border Collie

    I have 2 female Border Collies both aged 2. One of my dogs Jerri, is a bit too vocal and my neighbours have recently complained to the council.
    From the time she was a puppy we have attended a number of different training courses (both obedience and the fun courses), have had private training with Bark Busters (waste of time) whilst also investing in several bark control collars (which I hate using on her).

    My dog barks as all dogs do but I do not feel her barking is a nuisance. She does not bark during the night or at inappropriate times and when she does bark its usually when planes fly over the house, during storms, when the kids next door climb the top of our fence to play or when another dog in the street starts making some noise.
    Having been a dog owner my entire life - I feel this is normal activity for a dog but I am worried about the unrealistic expectations my neighbours have and what they might do??

    Can anyone suggest anything else to either silence my dog or convince my neighbours that my dog is NORMAL.

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    The ongoing barking of dogs in my street drive me completely wild (and I am a dog owner).

    How much erercise do they get? A tired dog is usually better behaved in my experience (at least not as bored...) Are they getting an hr walk every day? No matter how big the garden is I think this is essential.

    Can you keep them indoors overnight so they are not easily "set off"?

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    Have you considered talking to them about it? Finding out about the times it bugs them the most?

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    Yes if you can ask them that might help you manage her. Councils generally have rules like uninterrupted barking for a 10 minute period is grounds for complaint or something like that and how many periods in a day etc.

    So if she is barking through the day often then it can be annoying especially if people in the street are shift workers and trying to sleep.

    When I lived in suburbia I would leave my dogs in the house when I went out.

    Border colllies often get themselves into trouble as they are a working dog and need a lot of attention and stimulation. They need the opportunity to really burn energy - so a good hour of soild running, playing ball or something like that twice a day is what I did with my BC in suburbia. If she is working bred this may not be enough when she is young. They also need to be part of the family so if she is left outside for long periods of time she may need more contact.

    Some Border collies are quite reactive depending on their breeding and can have the tendency to react especially if they lack stimulation and exercise. Just the fact that she is barking at planes is suggestive of this enhanced reactivity.

    They are generally a high maintenence suburban dog especially a young 2 year old. Agility training is a good option you might like to try.
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    I dont think that's normal.

    Barking at planes and other dogs barking would annoy the crap out of me.

    The only time my dogs bark is when someone tries to climb over the fence, knocks on the front door or the dog in the yard right next to them charges the fence going ape****.

    I agree with other posters, being a BC she needs lots of exercise and heaps and heaps of mental stimulation...especially the latter IMO. If you cant get her out for lots of runs, maybe try a learning toy or something.

    Good luck though...Id be gutted if someone complained about my dogs barking.

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    In my opinion exercise is one of the keys to silence.

    My chihuahua never barks because he gets enough exercise and has thinking toys. Also he knows if he barks he gets locked in the garage at night.

    If you don't have the time to walk your dogs enough consider getting a dog walker. They aren't very expensive (at least mine isn't) and it always helps to know if you are going to be home from work late you won't be coming home to hyper pups!

    I read an article the other day about teaching your dog how to speak and be silent. Apparently that can help too.

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