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    Hi, all, new to this forum. I am a welsh lass, hoping to make the move to Oz, somewhere outside adelaide, with my young family as soon as my house sells over here. I will be bringing 2 of my dogs (I have 3 but have been told Oz is strict with how many dogs a household can own)
    I was wondering how doggie friendly / unfriendly Australia is in general. For example over here we are used to just being able to take the dogs out in the local countryside/fields/woodland walks/beaches etc and generally allow them to roam free off leash. Are there any rules in Oz, I have read about off leash parks off leash beaches etc, but was wondering if this only applied to built up residential areas, and that it was actually a little more relaxed in the countryside/bush etc etc?


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    Welcome Sarah.........I think it all depends on where you live. I live near a small Rural town where they are very relaxed about dogs and there are many multiple dog owners. Three to four in some households. And we also have the Murray River with lots of Parks and Stock reserves wherre the dogs are allowed off leash. Also the Hume Weir (Lake) allows dogs off leash on their beaches as long as you are reasonable and not in amongst the swimming crowd. Winter is especially good and we go for long walks everywhere with our dogs off leash. Our dogs do have great recalls and do not bother Stock (sheep/cattle/horses) and we never go into National Parks or reserves where there are strict rules about dogs. We have also been to plenty of beaches where the dogs have been allowed. I think basically in Winter is safe in most places and in Summer there might be some time restrictions and busy people places are off limits. Mostly common sense, don't annoy the non-doggy folks.
    My Husband is Welsh from Cardiff. Long time ago now, 1975........He will never go back.
    We live in NSW on the Boder of Victoria. I think in a fairly friendly to dogs area. We are about 30km from the two cities of Albury and Wodonga and there are even quite a few dog related events on here, such as Mutt's in May, Paws in the Park, Million Paws etc.
    You just have to see it as to where you choose to be.
    Good luck with your move. Quarentine is very involved and expensive as we have done it too, many moon's ago. I must admit I could never leave one of my dogs behind.
    Good luck
    Pets are forever

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    Australian dog laws are handled largely at state level. This means that each individual state has its own rules and regulations, and this can also differ between local Councils.

    In NSW, we do not have a dog ownership limit. I have included a link below for dog ownership laws in SA as they will be different to those I live under. The link will give you valuable information about having dogs in SA.


    Most states, even those with defined limits, have a system where you can apply to hold a license to keep more dogs. This might also be worthwhile checking out.
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    Off-leash areas depend on your local council. Generally there will be a couple of off-leash parks or beaches.

    You are not allowed dogs in National Parks.

    Generally dogs are frowned upon in public areas such as cafes and public transport (unlike Europe- I haven't been to Wales so am unsure how things are there).

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    Hi I live in sa, about 30 mins from adelaide. There are heaps of place to take your dogs off lead. There are some beaches that are strictly no dogs but most have a time where you are allowed to have them off lead and then outside that time they must be on lead. Some conservation and national pks dont allow dogs, but there are allot of forests ( seperate from conservation and national pks these are plantation forests run through forrestry sa)that do allow them although it is recommended to keep them either muzzled or on lead if not under full control as the forrestry department bait foxes and there is a possibility your dog may eat it( I have never had a problem with it)....
    There are heaps of city cafes that allow you to have your dog while eating etc outside, It is more uncommon to not be allowed to have your dog with you.
    Also, depending on where you live there are ways to be able to own more than one dog. For example my parents live in a normal subburb and have 3 dogs, they just needed to show the council that the dogs where all desexed and permission was given from neighbours, and they where given a permit allowing all 3. Other areas such as animal husbandry areas will allow a huge number ( say for breeders and dog racing etc) so there are lots of ways you could bring all 3 over.

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    Hi SarahJane

    How friendly Oz is to your dogs depends a lot on how friendly your dogs are to people and other dogs. It's definitely not as friendly for dogs as Europe. Here dogs are not allowed on buses or trains unless they're guide dogs or disabled assistance dogs.

    The SA state law says - all dogs on lead unless it's a designated off lead area. Some councils have a restriction to 2 dogs per household (eg Mitcham city council) but you can get a permit for more depending on how well behaved all the dogs are (do they bother the neighbours?).

    You are required to pick up after your dog. You are supposed to provide bags for this, and find a bin or take with if there isn't one. This helps prevent spread of disease like Parvo.

    There are plenty of designated off lead areas in SA, from fully fenced dedicated dog exercise areas, to parks that aren't fenced at all and the beaches. There are a couple of restricted beaches - usually have a lot of tourists on but the others are mostly - off lead before 10am and after 8pm during dailylight savings (Oct thru March) and unrestricted May through September. You're still required to clean up after your dogs. Even if they crap below the tide line.

    There are a couple of beaches that have endangered birds nesting and it's a good idea to keep dogs on lead on those, since the birds abandon their eggs if they're disturbed.

    Other hazards for dogs - snakes in summer, and farmers that shoot dogs they don't know - to protect sheep. And the wildlife. Roos and Koalas can do a lot of damage to a dog that gets too close but this doesn't happen very often.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hyacinth View Post
    Hi SarahJane

    Here dogs are not allowed on buses or trains unless they're guide dogs or disabled assistance dogs.
    In Victoria you can take your dog on the train as long as he is wearing a muzzle.. I only know cuz I did an adoption drive at Flinders st Station recently and we went in by train...

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    Hi Sarahjane001 and fellow members!
    The pawclub (internet site for dog owners) actually has an application where you can locate places to take your dog in your local or surrounding areas or basicaly anywhere in Australia. I find it very helpful

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