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Thread: Koolie Dogs...

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    Norm has dedicated the last 40 years to selective breeding of his Coolies. Howard believes Norm's Coolies are the some of the best examples of Koolies going around. I agree but my opinion is obviously biased due to having one, but still, they are a fantastic dog, and once you discover their "off switch", then they can be wonderful family members as well as tireless hard workers.

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    Norm has a great Coolie show. But it's a bit of a mystery about how he selects them for breeding - whether they're healthy or inbred (not always mutually exclusive) and how he trains them (reward based or some fear based?).

    He knows what he's doing but he doesn't share. Not sure why. Could be many reasons. So when he dies all that knowledge and the excellent dog line goes with him.

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