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Thread: Good Dog Bed

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    Default Good Dog Bed

    Hi all!
    Just wanting to know what type of dog bed you all have for your dog to sleep inside? (if you dog sleeps inside)

    At the moment we just have a rounded bed which contains stuffing, similar to the one below.

    We are going to have to up date our dogs bed soon as he only just still fits in it!
    Are there any beds anyone can suggest for inside that DON'T hold the dog smell.
    We find the bed he currently has , after a few days just stinks!!!
    We bath the dog regularly.

    Any suggestions????
    Sit, drop & roll!!! So proud of my little man

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    I bought single bed quilts for $15 each.
    I cut them into 4 squares and sewed up the edges. They are the perfect size for the dog crates.

    4 dog beds for $3.75 each.
    They are the cotton fibre fill stuff which dries really fast, you can also make up some slips for the outside in a waterproof fabric so all you have to do is wash the covers.

    I made some up for winter too that are double thickness (half a quilt per bed).

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    I used to use a cardboard blanket moving box cut in half and lined with old pillows and sheets - until she ate it. Now she gets something like what CL uses, with a bit of an old sheet and old jumper wedged next to my bed so she doesn't get poked in the back by my bed slats (futon support).

    I also have a stretcher bed in the office and another mat bed in the kitchen and a crate and a sofa in the lounge room. I'm always seeing old lounge chairs put out by people who don't want them any more... Great dog bed. And I put towels and sheets and things I can wash easily.

    Cattle dogs do like to roll in stinky things. I wash my dog with the same shampoo I use (johnsons baby shampoo & conditioner), my theory is that she is less likely to adjust her smell if she smells like me.

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    I had a nice bed for them snooza but then Harley used it as a toilet as a pup I washed it but it was never the same.
    I got one of those big padded hessian mats and made a big pillow case from furry material from spotlight. Everyone comments on it and it was much cheaper. Bout $15 for mat and $10 for material. I just wash the cover when it's smelly

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    I have these...well soemthing similar. Mine arent woollen but I bought them off this seller.

    I bought an extra large bed and a small bed and they have their names embroided on them. Then I went back and bought 2 extra covers. The lady was so lovely, and it was around xmas I got the extra covers and she sent me a xmas card and a lovely little jacket for my small dog at no extra cost.

    I think all up they cost my about $80 or so for the 2 beds with original 2 covers, and for the extra covers. My dogs absolutely love them


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    Thanks everyone!!

    I like the idea of a bed with a removable cover which can be machine washed. That will make life much easier!!

    Does anyone recommend anywhere to purchase them?
    Sit, drop & roll!!! So proud of my little man

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    I scout the discount stores for pillow cases, those European style ones are great as they are twice the size of regular pillows. Or I just buy some fabric and make my own.

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    Ahh, one of my favourite subjects! I am a cleanliness nut. I wash everything all the time including the dogs and everything they touch. My opinion for what it is worth;

    All dog beds will smell if not washed regularly.

    I buy any bed that can be washed. Not just the cover, but the entire bed, in the machine and then the dryer to get rid of the dog hair from it. I also have about 8 beds and only 3 Pugs. This way I can wash their beds every week or every few days and I will always have a fresh bed ready for them.

    Over the years I have discovered that the cheapo discount store beds are great if they are washable, and will actually last up to a year or more. When you are only paying $20 on average, that is pretty good. However, if you want it to last longer even with a lot of washing, then buy the expensive brands such as Snooza.

    Whatever you buy, you must have more than one so you can wash them and air them. If it has a non washable interior, and a washable cover, then wash the cover every week and put the interior out on the line on a clear day to air out. Use a deoderiser spray on it if neccessary and then air it.
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    Mine have those hessian covered foam ones. Sometimes they sleep on that but they tend to prefer the carpet.

    In the shed in their pen they have those off the ground canvas covered beds with a snug Bono fido stay dry bed on top of each one for when they are in there.

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    I have tons of great, long-lasting dog beds around the house. I use Fuzzyard (their donut beds are fantastic for small dogs or cats who like to bury), Rogz and Snooza.

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