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Thread: Good Dog Bed

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    I just have blankets for Johnny. He loves to nest in them. That and he eats all his beds and puts stuffing all over the yard.

    I have four blankets - Johnny gets two at a time and I wash the other two. And yes if I don't wash them they get stinky.

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    I make for the rescue dogs what I call the tyre bed... its basically a cut down tyre, I put old blankets that can be washed easily in it, the dogs love it... I keep selling my own ones lol... and now only have two in the foster dog runs... lol... they are great for smaller dogs and keep them nice and warm in winter...

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    Tyre Bed complete with snuggly Dooee
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    I have ACD who is about 20kg in weight.. so I will need a large bed.
    I can't really do the blacket thing as by morning there will be large holes all over it.
    But for some reason he doesn't chew a actual bed.

    I have been looking on EBAY and there are some good ones there that aren't expensive and can be machine washed.
    Sit, drop & roll!!! So proud of my little man

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