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Thread: I Want to Breed with Your Male Newfie

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    Default I Want to Breed with Your Male Newfie

    We went to Beechworth yesterday to give Lukey some more interaction with people and just walk the dogs in the beautiful weather we are having.
    We walk our dogs in public in pairs, one each, when it is very busy, like at the market. They got lots of loving and "can we take a picture with your dogs", "are they Saint Bernard's?" and "what breed are they?" And the best thing was most kids asked "can I pet your dog please?" so lovely to hear. Our four dogs love pets from kids. Took an hour to do a ten minute walk with all the stops for pets
    Good happy day for the now not so timid Lukey and happy Threesome.

    We had stopped for a drink in the shade, with Lukey and Kate..... A guy comes up to ask if one of our dogs is a male. He want s to breed his female. I say yes he is a male, but we would never breed to any female who is not approved by Lukey's Breeder. Guy still just says he wants to breed, has problems finding a full male. I tell him that if he really is interested, he should contact breeders and enquire and that the female should be health checked (as are Lukey and Kate). So his wife tells me she is "she has papers you know", we have them at home. I tried to explain the health checks for newfie, but I got the "dead look", they switched off and he tells me they are still going to find a male.
    They didn't even ask if they could look at him properly to check him out. And which one of the two was the male, as they were lying down together. Another BYB in the making, so sad.......

    On a happy note also met another great newfie owner from Melbourne with an eight year old healthy looking newfie girl. And just lots of people who wanted to own a newfie or had one in the past and missed owning them
    Pets are forever

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    Annoying!! Some people are so irresponsible. When we went looking for our xmas tree this year (we catch and kill our own), I took Rox. The guy helped us load the tree, then asked me if Roxie was desexed because she was 'beatiful' and he wanted to breed his dog with her.

    AS IF I would let that ever happen!!!!

    I must say though, the fact that so many kids asked to pat the dogs makes me happy There's nothing worse than a little lunger.

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    Some people just have no idea, no idea at all... when we first got Rosie, she garnered a LOT of attention as she was "intact" {ie, had a tail} long before the anti-docking leg was passed.

    I had one tool bail me up at a servo one day amd berated me for a good 10 minutes about how I was "cruel" to have not had her docked, and I should "do the right thing" and have it removed immediately. What the??? You can't just willy nilly cut off a dog's tail without serious, serious consequences.

    He actually tried to get into the car at her. At that point, he discovered that I'm actually not miss meek and mild, that's just my disguise - in reality I'm Miss Freaky Pants Who Will Mess With You Badly If You Touch My Dog.

    Where do these people come from?

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    so sad.

    Newfies are gorgeous dogs! Glad to hear Lukey is going well.

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    awesome beechworth is awesome. i'm from Wangaratta

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