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Thread: Dog Wont Play with Toys?

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    Default Dog Wont Play with Toys?

    I have a 1 year old shih tzu cross maltese terrier that i rescued.

    The previous owner did not give her walks, toys, proper food, or even shelter from the rain. Terrible i know.

    Well i want her to play with toys so that she will be a little more energetic, to help with her tartar, and to keep her occupied.

    The thing is that she does not know how to play with toys. She doesnt like squeaky toys because it scares her, she will eat of a kong but only for not even 10 seconds before she gives up. she ignores ropes, balls, and teddy bears.

    I dont know what else to do.
    The only thing close to playing is that she tries to kill flies, and chases cats.

    If she doesnt like toys should i just leave it a that?*
    What else should i do?


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    Just a thaught. Try giving her rawhide or pig ears as a toy. Play with that throwing it. Making her sit. Then slowly change to a toy ? Or if she likes other dogs. Find one that is playful and give her the chance to learn from another dog. She may not know wat to do.

    Tessa has never been into toys - if a ball is near her she will slowly but shorly move away. She also used to like catching flies on windows. I never really tried toys on her while we were young.

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    It sounds like she has a good prey drive.
    Maybe you could exploit that by tying a dog safe toy to a small rope and throw it and then retrieve to encourage her to chase it.
    After she catches it you could let her "kill" it.
    All said and done, she is what she is. If she doesn't want to play with toys it's not so bad.

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    Some dogs just don't like toys. I know quite a few.

    If you really want her to try, I'd recommend going to the local op shop and getting a bag of toys, they're about $4 depending on what's in them. There's a big variety though, so she might find something she likes.

    My dog loves cat toys, especially ones on a string that I can pull because she likes chasing them.

    What does she do with her time? If she is just happy to chill out then that's fine, she might just be content with that. I'd only really push toys on her if she's showing signs of boredom.

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    Rosie does not do toys. I think she thinks that's she's too smart for them! She has one toy only that she will play with from time to time, "Mr Squeaky", a lambswool platypus with a squeeker inside that she has had since day one. She is now 8, and Mr Squeeky is still going strong - an indication of just exactly how much she l-o-v-e-s that toy!

    My advice is walks, walks, walks and, hey, why not go for walks?

    The walking not only exercises the body, it exercises and relaxes the mind too.

    One a better diet kicks in and she has more energy in reserve (cause right now, she's probably cosntantly pooped fromall the changes around her), those walks will probably start to spark a bit of pep, and give it 12 months or so, and she will be a new girl.

    She may not ever learn to love toys, but that's not the end of the world.

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    Hi Oxidiba and everyone!

    My two pups prefer squeeky toys if they play with them, at all!

    Chillie thinks everything is a toy. She is so cute that she gets away with it.

    Diesel only plays with toys if Chillie is playing with them or to get her attention. He isn't very toy orientated. He just likes to be around us or play with Chillie.

    Maybe your dog just likes to be around people? Also have you tried those toys that store treats inside?

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    Sleep with the toys in your bed for a night. Our puppy want's everything we touch, so it might work once they've got a bit of your scent on them.

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    There is no way in hell I'd ever use Bark Busters.

    I do not trust franchises with the life of my dog.

    Better to go with a well trained, private individual than someone who has just bought a franchise and may have no experience with dogs. Not worth the risk.

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    Your dog has prey drive.
    Impregnate a piece of rope, and a soft small teddy from a charity shop with the smell of you by taking it to bed.

    Prey drive can be developed. Basically by teasing.
    And the teasing works best if you isolate/de stimulate your dog for 1/2 to 1 hour before feed time. Then let him out to play with you, always stop playing when the dog is interested and wanting more and end with his fave food meal as the reward.

    My dog becomes more attention seeking, the closer it gets to meal times. So that is when i train mine.

    For some reason, a bunch of old stockings, tied up like a ball on a piece of string was his fave toy as a pup and as tiny as yours is now.

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    I would like to say that she need companion .because at the first time she was alone so she always affair with anything. Now I thing that if u will have one puppy .she will try to do the same.

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